Greetings/Future Sight

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Greetings/Future Sight
Post # 1
Hey this is my first thread and I want to introduce myself before beginning.
I am a Otaku,a Anonymous Overseer, I am also multiple other things. Tranquil at times and multiple other things. I may seen matter-of-factual when u first meet me but I can change your opinion.The ones who really know me have been lost,I like anime, manga, books, music, drawing, and so on. And I have no magicks learnt to the extent of a practioner so I look for teaching.

Now to the Main Topic.
A while ago I used to see what would happen the next day in my dreams in the past. For a few years it stopped and occured randomly, while I have stopped having dreams also.Just darkness. About last year and earlier this year I have had few very few dreams and a few where there would be a flash image(almost like a picture of the event in a instant camera without the white edges) of a near future event for a second then I would wake up. It stopped now and I don't have anymore dreams again.
Does anyone know what this could be? And if so how to regain it?

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Re: Greetings/Future Sight
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

It's rare and the accuracy varies yet there is believed to be such a concept as precognitive dreams or precognitive dreaming. Typically precognition is a potential outcome and can vary from the vision, impression, etc... Things change with time and while some gifts come naturally others require practice. The main thing that comes to mind is meditation. This ability may have become stagnated over time and meditating could help reawaken this gift. You might also explore opening your chakras.

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Greetings/Future Sight
Post # 3
Ok thank you Nimir.I have started to open my chakras. I used incense a bit a day ago while meditating.
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Re: Greetings/Future Sight
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
If you want to start remembering your dreams better, I would suggest starting a dream journal. Just make it a habit to jot down whatever you dreamed as soon as you wake up. Date it every morning.

This morning mine read something similar to:
Thursday, 14 April 2016
Last night I primarily dreamed about work -- mostly about people trying to haggle on a specific expensive item they always do.

And that's it. I experience a lot of what's sometimes called "Zelda syndrome," named after the video game. Repetitive actions make their way into my dreams. I also have some very involved dreams, with bizarre settings, completely made-up characters, and complex story lines. I'm always glad to write those down!

But I digress.

If you do not remember your dreams, date the entry and write that! You will eventually start remembering them better.

And if you are having precognitive dreams, you'll also have a record of it.
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