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Familiar Help/Information
Post # 1
I've vaguely heard of what a familiar is: it's not an animal, and it is usually created by the witch with which it is associated. Does this mean it has no physical manifestation? What goes into the making of one, exactly?

Also, on a side note, can pets be incorporated into magical workings? Perhaps trained? (With no harm coming to them, obviously.)
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Re: Familiar Help/Information
Post # 2
Hello, I'm new to this site and I would like some help to publish spells and articles
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Re: Familiar Help/Information
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

Runamoke over time I have heard multiple definitions of familiars including living animals you have a strong bond with but another common thread is they are typically considered spiritual beings. Some definitions align them with thoughtforms which is a topic you may want to research. Some definitions I have heard even seem to mix the term familiar with animal spirit. It seems that the most common belief in familiars is that they are spirits or ethereal entities. I see no reason why you cannot incorporate your pet into your workings.

LuuhPieryou you would be better suited and it would be more appropriate for you to create your own post in the future rather than replying to a pre-exsiting post. As a member of Spell Casters you should b able to post to the coven spellbook. You must be on a coven council to post spells, but all members of Spell Casters are automatically promoted to Council Status. You should see an item labeled SpellBooks : View. Follow the view hyperlink, click read spellbook or ritual book, and then click add spell or ritual to be directed to the input area.

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Re: Familiar Help/Information
Post # 4
NimirRaj, thanks for the info. I'll definitely add thoughtforms to my long list of things to research. In your opinion, would it be possible to train a dog to become an active part of a magickal working, as opposed to a passive source of energy?
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