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It's just something read
Post # 1
Faerie was a realm, located in a world known commonly as Heaven. The place was light, airy, fresh and new with anything being manifested. The place was very natural, no human machine madness, or pollution. Plants grew at a much healthier rate here, faster warmer. The sun's rays hit the canopies at daytime.
But, light and dark were very different. It could be dark for days or months on Earth before day approaches. Time non existent. There were Ogres, Pixies, Half-Breds, Fairies, imps and such. All being various shapes, sizes and abilities. The ability of Shape shifting helped when a Fairy did not wish to frighten another being.
Manipulation of energy, a force that not only fuels action but states of being, and made from information based substances the people of Faerie could go onto Earth in bodies, be anywhere , tap into any place knowing what needs what and teleport to various areas. They could bend time on Earth to be one place one second, and minutes or another second later be somewhere totally different. In order to avoid frightening humans, they all appear in a form they know the person likes. God does the same thing. Within this area, humans could visit and leave as they wished. But the food and environment made it difficult.
It was so perfect, so different from mundane that some humans never wanted to leave. Modern society of Earth made it difficult for some humans to believe in faeries. To respect wishes, the fae stayed back until humans began to accept them. They understand every human is different, learning styles etc. As long as they were respectful, courteous and did so out of love, the fae would honour a path chosen.
Learning through mistakes, they understand parts of life are nessecary.
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Re: It's just something read
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

May I ask where you read this?

At least as in regards to the Fae in Ireland this would not be considered accurate. But it is a fun bit of imagination.

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Re: It's just something read
Post # 3
Lark you may read this more in the book "Befriending Faeries" by Author/Intuitive/Medium/Omneologist(study of all things) F.J. McKinnon.
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