My Method for Hydromancy.

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My Method for Hydromancy.
By: / Novice
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Hydromancy: The Heidenwulfor Method.

I use scrying and many other forms of divination in order to speak with my gods and goddesses (mine meaning the one's I work with). My method for water scrying is fairly simple, incorporating elements of fire gazing, meditation, and altered states of mind.
First, I go into a small room and turn out all sources of light except for one (this is so you can see what you are doing for preparation). Then, I grab a small black bowl and fill it with clear water, placing this bowl some distance from me so i may see into it. Next, I light a candle and position it so from where I'm sitting (or standing) I can see it's flame in the reflection of the water. I do this due to the fact I have had multiple failures while scrying and fire gazing, and have only found success in the combination of the two. Next, I light sandalwood incense, just to calm and clear my mind. I turn out that one initial light source and begin, positioning myself so I can see the fire and water. I then begin to meditate, focusing on the God or wight I wish to speak with. I invoke them, I ask my questions, if I have prepared an offering I give it. Then, I open my eyes and stare into the flame as well as the water, and I receive my messages and have my conversation. I thank my gods if they have responded to me, and I clean my workspace, putting out the fire and drinking the water.
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Re: My Method for Hydromancy.
Post # 2
I generally like using bigger bodies of water but that's just me. The way you choose to do it seems little on the religious side of the spectrum but there is no shame in that.
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