Banishing Charm (Self)

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Banishing Charm (Self)
Post # 1
This is a charm to banish a particularly not good part of you.

1. Get a piece of paper (any type except electronic) or a candle and a pen or pencil.

2. Set the paper and/or candle on a flat surface you can write on. On the piece of paper or candle, write with the pen or pencil what part of you you want to banish.

3. Recite:
With these words I say,
take this part of me away
I cannot accept this part no more
On this [paper/candle] I wrote
There is no more of it
Now this part is gone for now

4. If you chose to use a candle, light it.

5. Please note: this will only work until the paper rips or the candle goes out. If that happens and that part of you dose not come back, then you have made it disappear forever. Congrats!
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Re: Banishing Charm (Self)
Post # 2

I recommend you join the group spellscasters if you want to add spells and rituals.
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Re: Banishing Charm (Self)
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Liliane, try doing away with the negatives -- especially the double negatives (if for no other reason than it summons the grammar demons from the depths of fifth grade).

But really, the sort of work you are trying to do here is ultimately a change of self, and that requires in part affecting the subconscious. The subconscious does not work in negatives, only positives. Ridding something should be OK, as it is an action and not an absence. But 'not' and 'no' create an absence, and the subconscious will focus on the subject of that absence rather than a lack of it. "No anger" will likely only convey concepts of "anger" to the subconscious.

Most people find it better to learn a new behavior rather than just trying to rid one they dislike.

This type of work also typically takes more than just one effort such as a spell, but a spell can be a mark of determination for the effort. I know this from personal experience and study on behavioral change due to my desire to change some aspects of myself.
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