Ghost Vs Spirits

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Ghost Vs Spirits
Post # 1
Many know what they think a ghost is , while some claim that a ghost and a spirit are the same thing, which is not true. Generally a ghost is an earth bound spirit that either is trapped, scared or refuses to cross over. While a spirit is a ghost that has crossed over to the other side.

Even though a spirit can generally be a human, not all spirits are. Some spirits are known as faeries, demons, or even animals.

Ghost are usually trapped here on earth because they have unfinished business, such as telling their love ones their feelings for them, saying sorry for past mistakes, and even because of material stuff they owned or loved to much.

Ghost are known for being a leech because they need energy or they may become slow and lethargic. They do this by sucking energy from anywhere they go, from from humans,to pets, or even electronic devices. Ghost can make the living feel less energetic and even depressed. They are more active at night and during the full or waxing moon, for some reason it gives them more energy. When a ghost crosses over they don't need to feed on energy no more to thrive.

Whether its a ghost or spirit, They are both the same when it comes to travel. To travel in mundane world they can use their thoughts and can go to one place to the next. Even though this true I heard of some stories of ghost and even spirits who could walk to one place to another. Mainly it would be a ghost, because there will most likely be consuming more energy that way by seeing more people or animals. The only difference between them and travel is that spirits can travel to the afterlife and to this world by will, while ghost can't.

Even though spirits and ghost are both dead they still act the same as they were when they were alive. So don't suspect your lying uncle billy to be as sweet and innocent if he crossed over.

I do not believe that a dead person can not know if they are dead unless their a child. When children die they are often known to be confused and scared. Most will wonder where they are and why their body is different. But seeing as adults die they often know when their dead, because the area and their body has changed from fleshy to be made of energy. Even though this is true an adult ghost can be confused that they are dead and and how they died if they are mentally ill or mentally challenged.

Thank you for reading my post and you are welcome to send me any messages concerning this topic if necessary.

Where I got my information:
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Re: Ghost Vs Spirits
Post # 2
I would argue that, while ghosts are earthbound spirits, spirits aren't necessarily dead things. I would tend to think spirits are more things that don't or have never lived on our side of things, but are somehow connected to it, think genus loci or similar.
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Re: Ghost Vs Spirits
Post # 3
You have some common information and an applaudable thread. :) While they are two different terms and beings, according to my belief, ghosts are a type of spirit. There is simply nothing to verify this as it is really an opinion; a belief. Several cultures and information related to occultism may suggest that the two terms might be different, but popular culture and modern beliefs suggest they are one in the same. A scenario of this would be in Christianity. Many people refer the holy ghost as the holy spirit and use the terms interchangeably. Most might say that we cannot see the holy ghost/spirit. It is also common for Roman Catholics to believe that ghosts are evil spirits and are not spirits of the dead. There are even other beliefs that suggest that a ghost is a spirit that has left the body of someone. Some people even argue that it is hard to distinguish a difference between the two because they believe that a spirit can come back and visit a loved one. From a personal experience, I've been surrounded by ghosts most of my life, and my mom has too, but these ghosts do not leech away our energy.
Also, a spirit doesn't have to be a dead biotic organism. Many cultures believe that spirits can include abiotic organisms too. You can also find that many people consider deities to be spirits as well along with faeries, dragons, demons, etc.
Furthermore, I do not see how Amazon is a source.
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Re: Ghost Vs Spirits
Post # 4
sorry what I meant by how amazon is a source Is the book I bought, please forgive me. I put that their so other people can read the book :)
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Re: Ghost Vs Spirits
Post # 5

They also have lore about Wraiths being dead people with unfinished business. Scots say they were cunningfolk that failed to become healthier at their deathbed or after a sickness and died, and they are usually much worse in appearance and attitude than usual human ghosts.

Just thought it was worthy to mention while the topic was presented.

Also what about Grim Reapers? or alike disembodied messengers and guides, such as shinigami or la santa muerte ( japanese or mexican versions )

I actually came in contact with a reaper, it looked anonymous so I'm not sure what or where from, but it helped aleviate my anxiety about death and not being able to contribute a great deal while I lived, and afterwards I searched for anything and came across that old Artistic trope of a grim reaper, usually "the reaper and the maiden", as death whispers to the maiden: "Live now for I am coming" They say that in japanese lore, reapers try to coerce people into suicide or death, while in western ideas they are a little more sinister and just their touch can cause death or their stare causes you to freeze in terror. Some european ideas say that they died of suicide and try to ward off other living creatures from doing the same fate, as after suicide or intentional death, they are cursed to do their job which is to escort others over to other realms, as in a guide like I said before.

Got my info from previous experiences and things like La Santa Muerte by Tomas


and games that tend to also have surprisingly accurate descriptions of the creatures the developers were probably inspired by from older texts and beliefs and lore, such as Witcher.

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