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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> invoking/summon

Post # 1
hello guys,I've been studying alot about spirits,particularly,demons...

now am looking for an experienced person to guide me through this Occult thingy.....

*the best way of summoning/invoking
*Requirement of the Method

all of that...

thank you
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Re: invoking/summon
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
If you have been studying it, then you have been reading your answers. Whichever system you are going to use will have such guidelines.

As far as "this Occult thingy," that is the precursor to working with most entities. And again, if you have really been studying about summoning spirits, then whichever tradition you have been studying will have all of that as the beginning of their information -- or at least require knowledge of such things before getting to that point.
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Re: invoking/summon
Post # 3

There's quite a lot of websites that describe a lot of demons, their rank, what they look like, and what they like.

You cannot find information if you do not seek it openly and willingly.

Each demon, spirit, energy is individual. You have to get to know them as well. pro tip: dont summon lowly demons at first as they are tricksters, and can actually hurt you in ways. Don't mess with things you dont have a good, confident, checked basis of knowledge on.

I knew of a "friend" who practiced something called 'ancient phoenecian' and this being called Soronis which just bullied him, causing black outs and horrible psychological and even physical harm and experiences, waking up in strange places with all sorts of pains.

Dont be a fluffy, or that can happen to you. Don't be arbiturarily drawn to occultism and that of summoning things you don't know about or understand, and do not be over confident. Chances are they can and will over power you, in the case of my 'friend' who treated it like something he could control. You cannot.

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Re: invoking/summon
Post # 4

ALSO! Some paths of occultism are known as Thelema, Hermetic, Esoteric, Santeria, Satanism, etc. That's a good diving-off point if you didn't know of any distinguishable systems that utilize evo/invocation of various beings.

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Re: invoking/summon
Post # 5
Hello there!

I would love to guide you through this.
The best way of summoning/invoking:
The first thing is really easy, and that is to light up a few candles, since it attracts ghosts/spirits with it's energy. Also, you may have to sit in a dark room, since this also attracts more than a light room.
I don't know how you would summon the ghost, by a ouija board..? I would NEVER recommend someone "unexperienced" person to do this, as it could get really dangerous for the person to do this without knowing what they're about to do. But if you will take the risk, and you could get a ouija board, this is a way to do it:
Sit in a dark room, with a few candles lighted up. Start asking the board questions, and start with "Is anyone here with me?". Remember, to never upset the ghost and always be respectful. There's a few things that you can NEVER ask a spirit/ghost about. Don't ever ask about yours death (or anyone else's), and always remember to say GOODBYE and wait for the planchette to move down to goodbye.
If anything goes wrong, or you need help, you're more than welcome to send me a message. :)
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Re: invoking/summon
Post # 6
The first step is to figure out what your trying to summon, the best idea is to know it's true name for this - Egyptian magic is lovely for this. Any way, learn its true name or it's Ren - the core of it's essence. It can be given via study and meditation, from the thing your trying to summon, or from some one close to what your trying to summon.

If i were you, I wouldnt go about trying to summon darker spirits right off the bat, and i'd be careful about accidentally summoning anything that isnt what you set out to find.

Beyond all of that, though, Id recommend simple protection before any spells - summoning particularly.
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Re: invoking/summon
Post # 7
Hi if you find out exactly how to summon one let me know please because I've tried a few and none seem to work for me there is even a spell for summoning ragoo on here but i cant contact the person who posted it as he stated he was ragoo's half brother
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Re: invoking/summon
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
Calais, if Ragoo is an ancient non-physical entity +whatever title you would want to call that),then I guarantee the person who posted the spell is not its brother. The person is a liar caught up in a fantasy world.

If you did a little reading, even just the zillion ythreads posted on SoM, you would see that people typically do not just jump in to working with spirits. It is something studied.

So ... Had you been actually studying about how to evoke, then the tradition you follow would give you plenty of information about not only the four dsational work necessary but also the ritual(s) involved.

Therefore, if you were ready to evoke, you would already have the information you need at hand.
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