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The Council Invites You
Post # 1

Hey everyone, I'm a regular member of the site and recently Lexan and myself were promoted to leaders of The Council of Earna. As some of you may know, our coven has a lengthy site history and we originally focused on having practitioners who are advanced in their own forms of magic. Since Lexan and I took over we've been actively trying to piece together a coven that is would work for everyone, so, let me introduce you to the new Council of Earna!

Who We Are

The Council of Earna has set out to find members that would best suit the purpose of this coven. We seek those who have prior experience with magic and are comfortable in their beliefs. We also seek those who have little to no experience if they have shown initiative and proven that they are serious about learning magic
As a coven we look to support one another in our magical endeavors and to help each other be satisfied and happy in their own skins and thoughts. We want to create a coven that focuses on the multiple perspectives of magic, no matter how taboo or how laughable it may seem; a place where our thoughts and beliefs will always be accepted and always be acceptable. We want to give make a place where people can feel at home with our discussions and our activities.
If you approach us with sincerity you will not be turned away in times of need. Keeping our coven's original focus in mind, we of the Council of Earna serve to protect what we can from injustice and threats. Member or no member, if we are able to aid we will do our best.
Student Program
One of our newer additions to the coven is an up and coming student program. When we decided to make our coven 18+, we did not wish to exclude younger people from being in an enviroment online where they can actually learn something. We are in the process of organizing some teachers that would be able to happily help a student of our coven.
Our students are expected to be able to put the time and effort forward to be active in our coven foorums and chat along with taking responsibility for their education. When we are looking at a potential student candidate, we look at their site history and observe their actions in the public part of spells of magic. If that member is underage/inexperienced with magic, we may invite them to join the Council of Earna as one of it's students where we can and will guide you through the learning of your interests.
If you're young/inexperienced and you're looking for an opportunity to learn more about magic in an enviroment with advanced and mature practitioners, look no more! Simply message me or Lexan and we can open up discussions about you joining as a Student.
Our membership is 18+ because we don't look to censor or exclude content because it may be inappropriate or because it is controversial. The only execption to be made for this rule is when we have someone who is one of our students. We look for people who are well informed about magic, and are comfortable in their beliefs and paths. We hope to create a community coven where everyone is able to openly share their thoughts and experiences while hearing the perspectives of our coven mates.
Our application process is quite easy, taking no more than five - ten minutes to complete. Simply go to the Council of Earna found under the "groups" tab, click on accepting applications, and then apply to join the council of earna. After this is done, please mail Lexan and myself with the following questions completed in full sentences and in English. When we receive an application, we look for a completed profile with some sort of site history. We don't seek those who would fill our coven membership and not be active, so if you're looking for a coven that you can sit in and do as you wish when you wish, our coven isn't for you.
Please look below for the link to our coven, and I greatly appreicate you the reader taking the time to read this. If you have any questions whatsoever, myself and Lexan would be elated to help you in a timely manner.
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Re: The Council Invites You
Post # 2
Hey everyone, I thought I'd share an update. This month on April The Council of Earna will be going through some massive changes that we are really excited for. We're going to take the time to organise our forums and spellbook, create an encyclopedia, reference guide to posts on SoM and off, a term dictionary, and whatever we feel may be beneficial.

Sometime in this month we'll be removing our membership and closing applications. When we've worked out our kinks and feel we really have something for people to come to, we hope to open applications once more and open up our coven forums for a short time where we'd like to invite the site to take psrt in our discussions for a couple of weeks.

Make sure you stay posted, and mark this thread as a favourite! God bless and thanks for reading.

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Re: The Council Invites You
Post # 3
this is good I would love to join I been practicing magic since the 70's so I am a good candidate
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Re: The Council Invites You
Post # 4
I will love to be a member of your prestigious council I am both a ward crafter a summoner of arcane energies, and a spell crafter if my services are needed then please reply
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Re: The Council Invites You
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Congratulations. Its a good idea to promote the coven this way not many that i e have seen actaually do so its a good idea.
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Re: The Council Invites You
Post # 6
Indeed. I didn't know it was there before this post.

So pray tell, what does the Coven teach, and practice?

Yes, I saw the rough overview, but I want to know how advanced the members are in general in those fields, and whether you study things outside of it.
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Re: The Council Invites You
Post # 7
The post is several months old and the priesthood has changed since then, you might want to enquire as to whether the current Council of Earna is taking applicants.
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