Priscilla Guiden Angel

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Priscilla Guiden Angel
Post # 1
Hello to everyone to whom may be reading this, :)
I'm here today to seek out knowledge and answers upon my Christian Angel Priscrilla. I've been upon this site before and have spoken to a few people who were willing to speak to her. So here I will now share the knowledge I have gathered upon my Angel:
1). She fell out the window 9 stories up. We believe it was murder.
2). The building she died at was called Livestock Exchange Building located in Omaha Nebraska USA. The window she was pushed out was a office space from 1924 - 1974 which then is remodeled into a apartment in 1994.
3). She has indicated to them that she is 5'6 about 24yrs old, long blond hair about 115lbs and very beautiful. From her clothing they guessed in the early 1930s.
4). Practices magic (skilled Angelic Mage).
5). She has a tattoo on her left wrist of a Raven. Which is known that the Raven is her spirit animal.
6). She's on my mother's side of the family.

These are the notes I have gathered over time about Priscrilla. The main question I want answered is that what is her Last Name and her Birth/Death dates. But other then that I'm open to any sort of information. By all means, if the information is helpful towards me and my research there will be a reward given to the individual.

But if you at willing to reach out to her. And that if your someone who disagrees with the ways of Christans and such. Please keep in mind that she'll block off any information from you or will probably become hostile.

For further questions pls do send me a msg and I'll replay whenever I can. Thank you for your help.
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Re: Priscilla Guiden Angel
Post # 2
Added information*
Why I'm seeking such answers is because I'm a school student who is discovering my family history and it will be nice to know her last name and her birth/death dates IF POSSIBLE!
And if anyone is willing to speak to me and Priscrilla I'm very much willing to share the information with others who are helping me on this task.
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