A Novice in Need

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A Novice in Need
Post # 1
I have just began performing spells and such seriously. I dabbled here and there, but was ultimately afraid to take such a path; until now, that is. In addition, I have had an interest in Astral Projection for about a year or so, but have only been able to do it once. Sadly, I had gotten too excited and awoken just minutes after projecting.

Putting both of my interests together, I figured that I could find a spell to help me finally astral project. Looking on this site, I found one that I could perform, that looked, for the most part, real:

When I performed it, I felt a tingliness in my body, and even felt like my mind had cleared a bit, but essentially it didn't work. Why is this? Could it possibly be me doing it wrong? Is it my lack of experience? Any advice would be very helpful. Thanks! :)
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Re: A Novice in Need
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Consider what the words chantred in the spell mean. You don't understand whatever language they happen to be in? Then how do they mean anything to you?

What us the purpose of the candles?

What direction do the mirrors face and why?

There is so much to demonstrate why the spell will not work. The tingling could easily be the result of your exertion alone, and no real feedback to what you hoped the spell would do for you.

There are many good methods of astral projection. Some 'spells' may work in a way, but it is more about keeping the mind alert and active while the body sleeps. That is, the same as during sleep, the conscious dissociates from the physical body. And you ultimately activate the brain in a similar manner to dreaming. It's why some methods suggest self-inducing sleep paralysis.
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Re: A Novice in Need
Post # 3
Perhaps I should've clarified a bit on my experience. I used the spell as a sort of "supplement", if you will. I did it before bed and then began trying to astral project that night.

Anyway, I'm aware that white candles mean protection, spirit, harmony. Things like that. The mirrors were diagonal to me, as it had told me to do. They were both in the northwest and north east position, facing me.

What I think my problem is, however, is the chant. Maybe it's just because I don't understand it. Would you have any idea what language it is? Because I'm not sure, haha.
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