Banning bad entities

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Banning bad entities
Post # 1
I was wondering if sage, salt, crystals, etc. will get rid of ALL entities? See, I don't want to do that. As a sensitive I have a lot of energies and entities that aren't hurting anything and I don't want to hurt or force them to leave...But I also have one's that do need to go as they're being destructive.

Some of these good entities aren't 'angelic' and are ghost, demons(Yes, demons. One has never hurt me and I don't want to get rid of it for personal reasons) and neutral spirits that I work with but they do no harm to me.

However, the one's I do want to get rid of are purposely being aggressive and are more or less passing through but I still don't want them to enter my space.

So, will home blessings get rid of all entities? Neutral ones and negative(Ghost, Earth spirits, etc.) even if they're doing no harm? Or just one's that mean harm?

Could all of you be specific as well? like, if one technique will get rid of all and another will only get rid of some etc?
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Re: Banning bad entities
Post # 2
Yeah it depends on the methods, and if I am wrong on any of this please correct me, but I can try to explain the basic uses for those materials you listed from personal experiences and basic knowledge for I don't really know any specific methods to keep the good ones around :) Out of those listed, the crystals may be the best way to take out certain spirits. You can use crystals to trap certain entities that you want to, and afterwards you can remove or even destroy the spirit/s if you wish. Sage is good to use when cleansing negative energies or even used to rid your place of bad spirits. Salt is more of a protective material, it's like a natural protector against bad entities, and can prevent them from coming back. Salt can also protect you from spirits that seek to harm you, for example a salt circle is the most common form used for protection. Some people use other tools to help rid negative entities. So yeah, I think someone else can help better with specific methods to keep those neutral or good spirits, but those are really just basic uses and things you can do with those specific materials. Hope this helps some~
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Re: Banning bad entities
Post # 3
I, too, have multiple spirits that I like hanging around.

Usually if I smudge my home and state what entities are allowed to stay, the negative ones I don't want around generally leave or are driven out by the ones protecting me.

As to what technique you use - use whatever feels right. As long as you state to the spirits who can stay and who has to leave you should be okay. Smudging and warding has always worked for me.
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Re: Banning bad entities
Post # 4
Hello! Thank you both for answering!
I took a leap of faith and used a selenite and black tourmaline energy grid in my room, plus salt at the openings(windows, door ways, closets etc.) and burnt sandalwood incense.

It worked like a charm! The entities (including the demon) tested it out and were fine. I did all of this with the intent of getting rid of harmful or negative entities that would wish me or the residents in the home harm.

So, as long as these entities I wish to stay do no harm, hopefully they'll be fine. Not to mention I haven't seen the one's i wanted gone all day and the room just feels lighter.

Thank you for your help and input! :)

(Here's to hoping the ones I want gone stay out at least until I bless the home again monthly from now on.)
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Re: Banning bad entities
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
I do not banish but instead ask the ones I work with to get rid of the ones that are unwelcomed. I bless my house in a way that agrees with the spirits in and around my home in order to maintain a nice and orderly environment. My way of "cleaning" is literally in cleaning. I wash my floors, mirrors, and windows with vinegar and toss my swept up dirt out the back door. I sing or chant while I do it.

I also protect my home from "unwanted guests" both spirit and physical so that anyone that attempts to enter, ideally will not be able to. Prevention is key.
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Re: Banning bad entities
Post # 6
oh thats easy.

make them argue with a moderator.
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Re: Banning bad entities
Post # 7
personally i go on wiki how
to look up methods for this kinda stuff.

I was surprised how many articles they have on magick.
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