Mentor needed

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Mentor needed
Post # 1
Hi I am new and I want to learn how to cast spells. I need a mentor who will be willing to teach me. Keep in mind I am young and a christian/christian-wiccan and I would appreciate it if a potential mentor would be mindful of what would be appropriate and inappropriate to teach me. Please contact me if you are looking for someone to mentor/teach.
Thank you
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Re: Mentor needed
Post # 2
Also I am not a fan of big paragraphs
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Re: Mentor needed
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Oac, if you're serious about learning magic, you need to study on your own. Many here will gladly answer questions, but teaching over the internet is difficult. Ultimately you will be reading on your own, just as if you purchase some books.

Now on to a few minor points: Though some people claim to be Christian-Wiccan, there are also many detractors. Christianity, though it does have the Trinity, is not a dualistic religion. It is a very exclusive religion, to the one God they believe in (as the Trinity). Wicca, however, follows a god and goddess, and not the Abrahamic God which Christianity follows.

But either way, that's fine: Religion is not a necessity with magic.

You also say you want to learn to cast spells. One good place to start is a book which Lark often recommends, called "Before You Cast a Spell." It's a good resource for someone starting out with a magical practice. Lark actually recommends four books, all of which are great places to start.

In the mean time, start a regular meditation practice -- at least once daily. Working on visualization is also a good idea, and learning about energy manipulation is also something to consider.

When you start out, you are basically training yourself to reach the right mindset(s). No 'spell' will actually work if you just light some candles and recite some words.
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Re: Mentor needed
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
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