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Reach Customers HERE
Post # 1
Do you want to reach more customers?

With the Magickal Marketplace you do just that.

Coming to you as both a businessperson and a practitioner of alternative spirituality, you don?t need to be told that finding clients for your niche products can be tricky to say the least.

Imagine yourself as a vendor at a shopping mall standing behind the gate and anticipating the opening of your new kiosk. You have built your business and are ready to expand and finally reach that un-tapped fountain of leads generated by social media.

Now imagine that Magickal Marketplace is the shopping mall where those looking for what you have, can realize you exist. Many of the customers reached are new to the world of alternative spirituality and are eager for your help.

Magickal marketplace is the gateway that many will be passing through to you the vendor. Just like a shopping mall, the Magickal marketplace markets it?s self to the consumer.

Marketed as a one stop, find your shop, web portal, and discussion forum, pulling attention from social medial, that you the vendor, benefit from.

When you open your digital kiosk by starting your thread on the forum, you make yourself available to all the consumers who found the Magickal Marketplace through one of our many social media funneling portals.

Wouldn?t you like to have another set of eyes see your advertisement every hour on the hour increasing your chances of having clicks of your links to your website?

By now you may be thinking all shopping malls charge for rent and services, what?s the catch? Magickal Marketplace only requires you to post your ads, links, and promote your product.
This helps to make the Magickal marketplace somewhere that customers will have confidence in knowing they can find what they want, and you can feel confident knowing that you can be visible and available to provide what they want to find.
Why not try it out? It?s free and you have nothing to lose and all kinds of exposure to gain!

Join now, and start having your product seen today 100% FREE! At
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Re: Reach Customers HERE
Post # 2
The site is still a work in progress so any suggestions are welcome just post them in the suggestion box thread on the Magickal Marketplace.
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