guy pregnancy spell

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guy pregnancy spell
Post # 1
is their any good pregnancy spell for a guy to get pregnant

Re: guy pregnancy spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2

No. You cannot become pregnant if you are a man. Sorry.

Re: guy pregnancy spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Spells can only work if they trying to achieve a realistic outcome, and even then they still need help and there are no guarantees. For example, you can do a spell to find employment but if you dont also apply for jobs you won't get one.

Things that are impossible are not going to be made possible by doing a spell. You won't be a vampire or a mermaid or a pregnant male from spells.

You should start with the basics first. Meditation, visualisation and energy work, without these three skills any spell you try (assuming it is for a realistic outcome!) doesn't have much hope of working anyway.

You dont get to wake up one day and decide "I think I'll be a witch now" light a candle say some words and think you can get whatever you want, it doesn't work like that. Witchcraft takes years of study and practice and common sense.

Good luck to you

Re: guy pregnancy spell
Post # 4
thank u

Re: guy pregnancy spell
Post # 5
Gonna throw a wrench into this whole 'No' answer, LOL

Technically a Guy _CAN_ get pregnant, but again, it can't defy the laws of physics. They have to have been born female and undergo hormone treatments to become male. They keep their ovaries and genitalia, so get pregnant like a female even though their brain and hormones say they are male.

/steps off her soapbox, LOL

Re: guy pregnancy spell
Post # 6
A man, who was born male, can theoretically get a uterus transplant as well. I don't think there are any documented cases of this, but the fertility professionals are talking about it.

Re: guy pregnancy spell
By: / Novice
Post # 7
People often misunderstand the purpose behind spells and witchcraft in general. It can not, in most cases, defy any laws of physics. One of the core beliefs in witchcraft supports being natural, especially among wiccans. Natural meaning respecting mother nature and her earth. This however does not mean it is wrong or unnatural to be gay, transgender, or anything regarding that. I have been involved with members of the same sex, and I openly support people who wish to have a gender change. And unlike Christianity, most religions if not all that are associated with the practice of witchcraft accept fully homosexuality and gender change. It is just not something witchcraft, in most cases, can achieve (the mixing of gender) I could be wrong, but perhaps you are a male who wishes to have the wonderful experience of giving birth, and nothing is wrong with that, however the common man thinks witchcraft is one of the few things that can make the impossible happen. Well witchcraft can certainly make a lot of real things happen, but it is not a Jeanie that can grant any of your wishes. If you were involved in witch craft before posting this you would know that. But then again I may be misinterpretating this, perhaps you have been misinformed. There are a lot of spells on this website that any member on here of knowledgeable ranking will tell you are fake. Spells regarding: shapeshifting (physically), turning into a mythical creature, so on. These spells were put up not by true practitioners, but put out by people who were not informed of what witchcraft is and mainly put up for show. So I can understand by you seeing a spell to "turn you into a mermaid" you would assume that a spell can make you pregnant even if it defies our natural bodies. I am a practitioner of witchcraft, and if I were in your situation I would rely on science and visit gender changing specialists. If you have any questions about this or witchcraft in general, feel free to message me. Blessed be.

Re: guy pregnancy spell
By: / Novice
Post # 8
simple rule, if it's not naturally possible, magick cannot do it. human males cannot get pregnant naturally, so a spell to make a man pregnant will not work. you could look into male fertility spells, but that would effect sperm-count, not pregnancy, you're missing a few parts for that to happen [no offence] good luck to you.

Re: guy pregnancy spell
By: / Novice
Post # 9
I half to disagree with part of this; medical science is creating new medicine to help men become pregnant in 3 to 5 years; Now on magick terms you cannot use magick to become pregnant is impossible.

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