Weird Dreams

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Weird Dreams
Post # 1
So I just woke up. I had yet another weird dream, and I know this is all impossible stuff but it ws so vivid. There's more to the dream than I'm letting on like some weird zombie face and stuff but I just wrote what I could make sense of the dream ( chronologically). It's one of my weirdest dreams yet.

I dreamt I died and wen to kind of na angel school near a river. I had to start studyin again but I was anxious to go back to the real world. On my first day ou I saw a mermaid and a baby mermaid. She said that she new something bad was going to happen on the 26th she felt it. It was eery. So that night I talked to the Angels and they said we couldn't help her we can't interefere.
There was something weird going on and God was Morgan freeman for whatever reason. So I was anxious to see the mermaid again.
Two days later they agreed that me and two other angels could go to the cinema. But I never made it that far. I saw some sort of evil smoke with some sort of skull appearance descending into the river.
The next thing I see is the mermaid swimming as fast as she could to shore, but suddenly a Huge flash of light and some sort of giant explosion of water or whatever happenswith a ligh so strong I had to Hide my face because It was too bright when I looked again it eas showing some sort of evil imagery and she disappears. Reapearing floating Dead. A couple of minutes later the babyish mermaid appears and I want to help her and bring her to the angel headquarters or whatever that was but I was not allowed. I wanted to Know what happened to the mermaid but I wasn0t allowed. I became na outcast. They all wanted me to learn but neither student nor professor wanted me in their class. And I couldn't help the baby. And I didn't know what happened to the mermaid.
I was an outcast and even angels were sort of selfish and didn't care for anyone. I was outcast for caring.

It's not the first time I have weird impossible dreams but this felt real. Down to the smell and pain. It must mean something. It's also not the first time I dream about being na angel of some sort. 9 years ago I dreamt I had black wings. ( In this dream I had no wings whatsoever).
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Re: Weird Dreams
Post # 2
Sorry my spelling mistakes. My browser kind of corrects the words that are similar to Portuguese into portuguese. I try to correct it sometimes 3--4 times but still I don't know how to turn the dicrionary off my browser. It just keeps on changing some words. Sorry. I can't edit my earlier post.
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Re: Weird Dreams
Post # 3
Often I have found that my dreams that I don't think make sense have been memories from a past life. I'm not sure if this is the case for you or not. But dreams are your brains way of working out problems you're having in real life. Maybe your dreams are trying to tell you something. I would get them analyzed. Has something happened to you recently or have you been feeling things that you cant seem to shake? Maybe it would be a good idea to write down what you can remember and try to figure out what it might mean. Or if you want you could just write about what you've been dreaming. the subconscious has a funny way of teaching you things or working this out when you just let it take over. Also, you could probably meditate on it and see what you come up with. Best of luck, blessed be.
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