New and willing to learn

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New and willing to learn
Post # 1
Hi I'm White Ghoul. I'm very new to the occult, white, black and pagan arts and studies, I'm looking to Learn to better myself as a person and to enlighten my mind. It seems like I can never find a decent teacher or coven that is active and where I learn from. If I could get some advice on how to start out i would be very grateful to u.
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Re: New and willing to learn
Post # 2

Welcome to SoM, there are basics posted almost everywhere on here and everyone is willing to help and answer questions. Blessed Be!

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Re: New and willing to learn
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Introduce Yourself from Welcome.
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Re: New and willing to learn
Post # 4
Thank you I appreciate it. I realized I posted it in the wrong place afterwards haha.
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Re: New and willing to learn
Post # 5
I understand the confusion when first starting out. Here is what i recommend:
1. Try researching different beliefs and different paths. Wiccan and Paganism is different, see if one suits you. Also see if any path are right for you such us nature witchcraft, chaos craft, hedge witchery, etc. Do you want to worship any gods? Otherwise electric witchery may be for you(your own personal custom path and beliefs/ mix of them) you can start here

2. i often see newbies skipping this step and then failing in their spells and giving up their craft.
You must GROUND. please meditate. open and cleanse your chakras, the stronger they are the better chance you will have with a good spell. especially your crown ans thrid eye chakras. you can find plenty of articles on grounding, meditation, and the chakras on this site. there are also many crystals to help with each chakra.

3. Have a grimoire or book of shadows. A nice notebook that you will keep to yourself and record what you learn, your path, spells you do, etc. ps- you never show anyone your BOS, typically.

4. Start off with easy spells, probably ones that help you balance your new awakening power or help open the 3rd eye is what i recommend to begin with. Also know what spells are real and fake if you are using ones from this site.

5. Learn about protection and safety before casting. you may also want to learn how to cast a circle first.

6. Do not do dangerous or extreme spells untill you are ready and know what you are doing. also, you may want to learn about the Law of Three.

if you have any other questions on basics you can feel free to ask me !

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Re: New and willing to learn
Post # 6
I thank you for the advice, I appreciate your help and I will follow those steps. I really have been looking help and I've been curious on the many different sects and beliefs
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