PSA: Coexistence

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PSA: Coexistence
Post # 1
I know I am not a moderator, or even that experienced a practitioner. But I would like to point something out, even if it oversteps some lines of being a member. I see too often in these forums that people will completely disrespect someone's beliefs or call someone uneducated or stupid, even after that person has given a clear understanding of the knowledge or mythos/lore, simply because they do not believe the same thing. One example being whether or not Lucifer is a Pagan god or the Christian angel. Both religions and both paths have firmly planted beliefs in the name Lucifer, so who is to say one or the other is truly wrong or truly right? People are entitled to believe what they wish, agree or not. Do not force your beliefs onto those who don't want to learn about it, or disrespect those for their own beliefs. There are many people on this site, with many different paths. Not everyone is Wiccan, not everyone is Pagan, not everyone is a Satanist. But that does not mean for a second that we cannot all coexist and build on this site together.

May the Light of Lucifer grace you.
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Re: PSA: Coexistence
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
The aim of this site is not to "trample on the beliefs of others", but to discuss and argue. If a member states, "Mermaids are real. I know because I've seen one."
Should we say, "Of course they are,dear!". Or should we say that mermaids do not exist?
However, if a member states, "I believe in mermaids." Nobody should argue with that!
Anybody can believe whatever they wish to believe. But it will not necessarily be true!
The problem arises when a member states his/her belief as though it is proven fact.
"I believe that Jesus is the son of God." is not quite the same as saying, "Jesus is the son of God."
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Re: PSA: Coexistence
Post # 3
Yes, thank you Brysing for expanding on what I was attempting to say, I was just lacking the proper words, even though I said so many.
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Re: PSA: Coexistence
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
But you are missing the point of what the site is for. To discuss and argue. If you declare your belief on an open forum like this, then you are leaving your belief wide open for somebody to disagree. If you state "I believe this", there will always be somebody to say "I think you are wrong!".
You see, the idea then, is for you to give the reasons why you believe; and others to give reasons why you should not believe.
It is not a matter of co-existence. We may co-exist, but disagree.
That is the whole point of an open forum.
If you do not want anybody to disagree with your belief; do not express it on this forum.
But that is not the same thing as members saying that you are stupid for having such a believe. That is insulting, and no Moderator would allow that!
Co-existence does not mean that every member should agree with every other member.
There is an old adage that we should,"Love your neighbour as yourself." But it's ridiculous. What if you are not on good terms with yourself?
So,let's have it clear. The forum is for debate,discussion, and putting forward arguments for a belief. If you do not want your belief to be so debated; don't write it!
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Re: PSA: Coexistence
Post # 5
the paths are defrent but they lead to the same thing,plus,i agree with what you say,people themselves will undrestand we dont need to push them.
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Re: PSA: Coexistence
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
This thread has been moved to Comments from General Info.
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