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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Reinbursement

Post # 1
Just curious what everyone?s experience with this is.
I am speaking of reimbursement for one's services.

Keep in mind, this is a topic about the act of giving someone something for having done something for you. This is not specifically about giving to people on this site. This topic covers both. This topic is not me selling a service either. From my understanding no rules are being broken while discussing this topic.

I have noticed a lot of negativity to reimbursing on this site. For reasons such as personal security - they might get your information, or paying poor service - they might be out for your money and not actually offer any help.

I will address these areas first. While I agree that giving someone your credit card info or bank info is a bad Idea, I do not think that is the only method of exchanging money. I just gave a good friend of mine money for his and he?s half way around the world. Paypal is very secure. Millions of people use it all the time. There are also very old ways of sending money, money orders for one have been around for years. Bank email transfers, you only need to know a person?s email address.

Poor service ? I guess that could be the case. But suggesting that someone should just do it themselves ignores most concepts of business. Businesses thrive from having people paid to do something someone does not want to do or know how to do. It also suggests that no one is capable of performing magic except for the individual it is intended for. Well that by definition means that you can?t do any person spells that involve a second person. It also ignores a large portion of this worlds culture surround magic. That is, that people go to professionals for help.

I have personally had my house cleaned by a professional while I was living in another country. It was customary. And normal. This person was paid cash.

Some cultures select baby names through the use of paid services.

Anytime you see a psychic fair there are people there that are getting paid for their services.

There is also a large culture around the reciprocity of the act. It gives meaning to the exchange. It shows intent from the person asking. Shamans have typically asked for some form of payment. I had a mentor that also accepted gifts as payment. When gifts were not available she accepted cash. She never would see anyone, myself included, unless an exchange was made. Some believe it to be a downright insult.

We do not ask chiropractors to do work for free. And yet there is not scientific data available that suggests that what they do actually works. Yet, they are respected and paid.

I personally have done work for people for donation, or feedback. But I do believe that if there was not something in return I eventually would just give up.

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Re: Reinbursement
Post # 2
To clairify on the part "Some believe it to be a downright insult. " I was speaking of being insulted if no exchange was made.
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Re: Reinbursement
Post # 3

This thread seems to ignore the fact that there is an advertisement section in the forum. Or are people not allowed to advertise doing spells and such?
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Re: Reinbursement
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

I would suggest reviewing the Terms of Use here on Spells of Magic. The Terms of Use forbid advertising here. This is generally assumed to be advertising services for payment.

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Re: Reinbursement
Post # 5
Shouldnt the advertisement section for services be deleted then?
Also, this thread is not spexifically about this site. It is about reinbursement as a whole
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