"Shallow Hal" spell?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> "Shallow Hal" spell?

"Shallow Hal" spell?
Post # 1
Hi guys I was wondering if anyone knows of any spells that make a person less superficial? I have a friend who is in his late 30's and has been single basically all his life because he has such high standards that no woman could ever live up to. He has been asked on dates by girls I consider to be really pretty but he always finds something wrong, like the last one had a small tattoo which he said was a "deal-breaker". I personally have never placed much importance on looks, personality makes a person attractive to me. I just can't understand why beauty really comes into the equation when your looking for someone to spend your life with. So I think he would really benefit if he could look beyond someone's appearance and stop holding on to this pre-conceived notion of his perfect woman. Any ideas?? Thanks for taking the time to read, I will also add I am very new to spell casting but exited to get into it! Thanks guys :)
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Re: "Shallow Hal" spell?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Nope, that was a movie and it was a made up spell to fit it's needs. Making a person less superficial is something the person must want and work to change. You can't just say some words and poof, they see inner beauty, or they stop being superficial. Talk to your friend about your concerns, but it sounds like he's not ready for a 'real relationship' and until he is he'll keep finding flaws in woman. Age doesn't determine maturity.
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Re: "Shallow Hal" spell?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Is it possible he isn't really into women? I've known people who were in the closet who used the weirdest excuses to not date or to break up with someone. Years later, they finally admitted they were gay or one of the many other words used to talk about gender, sexuality and etc. Then you have that some guys just don't want to settle down. Can't blame them either. By the age of 30, he might just like his life the way it is. Nothing wrong with it. The shallow appearance might just suck since he isn't willing to just say he doesn't want a lasting relationship. Heck he might not even realize that is why he does it. We do a lot of dumb things subconsciously.

However, no matter what the case may be, there are spells to help them become aware of their behavior....but that doesn't mean they will change it (or that is smart to do it). He could be aware, but thinks he needs the excuses to not be seen as strange in the eyes of his friends. You never know what is going on in someone's head.
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Re: "Shallow Hal" spell?
Post # 4
While the spell in Shallow Hal was awesome, unfortunately the whole thing was made up. The concept is a good one. Id be tempted to see what i can write up to see if it works. Something to note about spellcasting, is its all good to get spells from the internet or books... but is it truly personal to you? Some spells i will adjust and add personal touches to the wording or my way of performing it and it works a lot better than before.

Energy work and magick is more about yourself rather than the words to a spell or ingredients. They act mostly for focus, the power comes from within each person.
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