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Post # 1
Coming from a devout Christian/Catholic family, I saw my life flash before my eyes when my mother found my books on witchcraft and my book of shadows. I have no idea what I'm gonna do. My dad's perfectly fine with it, but my mother is worried. How do I keep on practicing, but in secret?
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Re: Boomcloset
By: / Novice
Post # 2

You only have to practice in secret if that is what you feel you must do or if it is what you prefer. I can understand your mother being worried especially because she is Catholic. The reason people get worried is because they know little to nothing about such magical and spiritual paths; and coming from a judeo religious background they are often taught and ingrained with the premise that anything magical is evil and is punishable according to God's law. However you may choose to sit down with your parents, your mother, or anyone else who does not understand and discuss it with them.

You can start by explaining a little bit about your path and why you choose to follow it, why it is important to you, and also explain that it is a part of you and your spiritual identity and journey. You can then go further into detail if it is appropriate and explain as much or as little as you feel comfortable with or whichever is warranted to help them understand and know that your path while different from theirs isn't a bad thing nor is it evil.

Following a different religion or spiritual path than what the rest of your family may follow can me somewhat challenging but it doesn't have to be difficult or kept hidden. Sure it may be akward at first getting them to listen, talking to them about it, and furthermore getting them to be able to understand but it takes patience and understanding from you as well.

Of course if you feel that you need to keep your spiritual path hidden from them you can do that as well. The important thing is not to stress or freak out and to keep you safe. Do whatever you feel is right for you but whichever you choose know that you are not alone as many other people experience or have experienced similar situations in having their parents or others find out about your spiritual and magical beliefs.

Best wishes

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Re: Boomcloset
By: / Novice
Post # 3
you don't, they now know. i wouldn't shove it in their face, but just keep being you, and occasionally mention something, like make a dinner for a holiday and invite them to join. don't have anything overtly pagan, but if you baked bread of Lughnasadh, made a dessert with lots of dairy for Ostara, or ask to include a Yule log with the Christmas decorations, these could help your parents see the religion is not dangerous.

with that said, i also wouldn't force the topic, if your mom or dad asks a question, be polite and answer it. perhaps if you are invited, go to church once and a while [provided you don't feel uncomfortable] to show you don't hate Christianity, are open to their views [and won't burst into flames by entering a church lol] i go to church with my mom some times [i actually really like the architecture of old churches] but i don't participate with communion and hymns, but i stand when they ask and sit when they ask. makes mom happy, but there was a time where i wasn't comfortable at all, nothing wrong with it. whatever feels right to you.

just keep doing what you're doing. ignorance is bliss after all. my dad didn't take me becoming Wiccan very well, he actually left the house and came back 20 minutes later acting like he just got off work and the last hour never happened. that was 7 years ago, i've never brought the subject up to him and he's never brought it up to me. your life might just be the exact same as always, religion is just a subject you won't mention much.
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Re: Boomcloset
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Good advice from both the above posts. But, as you are only 16, your mother can object to anything you are learning. So, an explanation is better than an argument!

I love the idea of a "boom" closet!
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Re: Boomcloset
Post # 5
Oh my lawd, I just realized I spelt "Broom" wrong. I'm sorry, I was typing really fast cause I was a little too nervous with what happened with my mum.

We haven't talked about it at all, which is good. I simply just brushed the topic off onto another topic. I'm a Christian like my family, but I feel like I can't be myself 100%.

Should I just start recording my book of shadows on my computer and just stick to buying kindle books or reading online books? I haven't been able to do any spells because of the "no candle in the house" policy.
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Re: Boomcloset
By: / Novice
Post # 6

You can keep a digitized or computer version of your book of shadows. I personally have all of my books written and typed as a back up. As far as other books are concerned you can use kindle or pdf copies of those books if you wish.

As far as not being able to cast spells and such, there are many spells you can cast that do not include the use of candles or you can always use a fake light up candle/s to use instead. The actual items you may use to cast spells aren't as important as the actual intent and energy you are casting, directing, and working to manifest. Items in spells are for the visual aesthetics of performing a working and they're used to help focus and direct that energy from or to where you want to direct it. Among many items you can also substitue one or more items for another each of which would represent what you need it to. For fire you can use a stone representing fire, for air you can use a feather, etc. Symbolism only helps if you need it to and because you are just beginning I imagine it would be very helpful but there are work arounds.

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Re: Boomcloset
By: / Novice
Post # 7
well, because of your age, you might consider staying quiet on the subject until you are an adult and can support yourself, since your parents have legal rights over you until then. in a perfect world you could always be yourself but there is a time and a place for everything.

if you wish to keep the peace and hide away your magick stuff on computers, go for it. a hard copy is nice, but to each their own. just be careful you don't simply copy/paste articles to your Book of Shadows and never read them, it is wise to review your writings and semi-memorize rituals and spells [otherwise you'll break your concentration if you keep checking the book for the next step]

you also don't need candles to cast spells. plus, i know many people have started using those battery powered candles for safety reasons. a spell i always say is a ritualized prayer. if you can feel the energy, visualize your desire, and focus on the task at hand, you can cast a spell. items help, but aren't necessary to a spells success.
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Re: Boomcloset
By: / Novice
Post # 8
Try to explain the facts to your mom
My mother is not pleased with my choices either but
She accepted it, im also not 16.
Id stay low key while under her roof
Find better places to hide your stuff
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