Meditative visions

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Meditative visions
Post # 1
Today, I was able to meditate properly for the first time. Before, I only meditated to bring sleep, but today was different. I grabbed my crystal, put on soothing music, sat down' closed my eyes and started breathingly calmly. As I focused on the music more and more, I started seeing something. It looked like a mountain surrounded by fields and an ocean with a few buildings. At first I hought it was weird, but then started freaking out a little when things got clearer and less blurred. I heard a voice behind me sayinmg " Beatiful' isn't it?" He stood beside me and asked if I was alright. I turned to look at him, but he wasn't there. I asked him if it was real, to which he said it's in my mind, but that didn't mean it wasn't real. We started talking about more things, but my music stopped abruptly, and I felt weird; like I was falling up. I opened my eyes, and saw my room. I'm now just wondering what was that place, why did I see it, and most importantly, who was that person/thing?
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Re: Meditative visions
Post # 2
Dependent on your views, this could have been an astral projection, however if you seemed to have no control when you left your body it could have been that you just have a very vivid and active imagination. This however doesn't mean that you should dismiss it as a spiritual experience. One of meditations goals is to bring peace to yourself, and if this place is in your mind you can use this to your advantage, especially in the goal of self improvement. The voice could have been an audible interpretation of your self conscious, or your choice of deity if you somehow invoked said deity during your meditation. I hope this helps.
May the Light of Lucifer grace you.
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