Christianity and magick

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Christianity and magick
Post # 1
I always try to avoid judging individuals for their beliefs. But I really have to ask how is it that some people openly admit that they are catholic and yet claim they practice magick? What happened to 'sufer not a witch to live'? Some members even claim that their magical abilities are a 'gift from the holy spirit'. I mean the bible is a very lousy book and the religion dictated therein is enslaving, denying the individual any form of freewill. The idea to create an illusion of 'good' vs 'evil' is a disgrace to true magick (which is neither white nor black I should add as well).
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Re: Christianity and magick
Post # 2
I would only somewhat agree. It depends upon how they perceive the rules of the Bible, and how strict they are on following them. As for them practicing magick, some do believe that "Thou shalt not suffer a witch" refers only to those who use magick for "Evil" purposes, such as personal gain, and unnecessary harm upon others.
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Re: Christianity and magick
Post # 3
While the judgmental side of me is often annoyed by this hypocrisy as well (I think people who claim to be Christian witches just want the best of both worlds without accepting the substance of either, but that's just me and probably in no way reflects the actual people who practice thus), there are reasons that mature, educated, and enlightened individuals might follow this path.

Christianity has always been a "sheep/shepherd" religion, where certain people have a higher calling to guide others, while everyone else just blindly follows. Deep down (with Kabbalah, for example, or Western Esoteric Magick), there are mysteries contained in the study of God and Christian Theology. Some of the most well-known grimoires, such as the Keys of Solomon, are reputed to have been written by Judeo-Christian figures, and Pope Leo wrote one called the Enchiridion. These occult manuscripts are normally reserved for people who are of the Shepherd calling, not for the sheep. Even books within the Bible (mainly those written by Solomon or David, such as Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs) are sometimes used as grimoires themselves, or at the very least as books of incantations. I sometimes use Psalms myself, as do some practitioners of Vodou that I'm aware of.

Basically, Christianity is a religion of magick anyway, although most practitioners mainly among the Protestant groups will argue that point. You devote yourself to an invisible "sky god" and hurl "incantations" at him until he does something for you. When the Bible says "thou shalt not suffer a witch to live," it's actually saying "thou shalt not suffer witches who follow other gods to live."
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Re: Christianity and magick
Post # 4
A good point kalimimus, unknowingly, they (arugably) use magic, as they pray to their god directly just like many spells also reach out to a god and ask for his/her/its assistance. As you said, it is debatable, but there still is some solid evidence.
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Re: Christianity and magick
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Yes almost all of the Grimoues passed down to us have had heavy Christian base, and Also many of the Deleted or edited Holy texts such as the Book of Enoch all have firm knowledge that magick was vwry accepted and practiced and also the 5th and 6th books of Moses
In the Hoodoo and Italian Folk magick systems that I use magick ia the Norm and the saints and Psalms are very heavily used
We believe the church doctored the bible to take magick away from the people and hold power,The priesthood and Church practice nothing but magick,The robes,the hats,strings,hand gestures, intoneing words and viberating words,The candles, incense etc this list can go on, i actually added a post on this topic on my site blog, also i ignore those passages in the Bible, If i took everything i read in the bible literally, id Be raping virgins, killing first born sons as a motive of revenge, stoning rape victemd to death, id have slaves, have to murder my step kids if they yell back at me, and may as well throw myelf ontop of a sword since im Divorced, Had premarital sex many times, i have stolen, disobayed my parent's etc.A Sin is a Sin according to the Book
Magick is equal to murder, i can not believe such nonsense
I use the book for what it can be , a guide book.
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Re: Christianity and magick
By: / Novice
Post # 6
The bible in the wrong hands
Like the modern day Suicide bombers
And Olden Day American Slave traders
The Book is a book of Evil
The bible, in the hands of Idiots is a book of evil
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Re: Christianity and magick
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
First of all, Moses has nothing to do with Christianity.
Prior to Christianity,and during the early days of the religion, magic/healing was done by witches. The Catholic Church wanted only their own priests (or monks and Nuns) to do the healing, the magic, and any source of knowledge.
So the Church spread the rumours of witches. Witches worshiped the Devil, held Black Mass, flew about on broomsticks, everything that could, and did, go wrong in life, especially in Agriculture, was caused by witches casting "spells".
It was an enormous con. trick.
And the populace believed it. Millions still do!
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Re: Christianity and magick
By: / Novice
Post # 8
Very true,moses is the first five books of the old testament
But Christians clamed him as theirs along the lines,lol
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