Lucifer and Deception

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Lucifer and Deception
Post # 1
While I scroll these forums I have noticed a rather large misconception in the personality description of the deity Lucifer. Many have called him the "King of Lies" or "The Trickster Devil", flat out "The Deceiver". However it is needed to be addressed where these misconceptions derive. In Lucifer's rebellion from God he used deception and craftiness, not to lie however, but to spread truth. For he deceived not his fellow angels or man, but He who the rebellion was against, God. Only to God and those blinded by his slavery is Lucifer the "King of Lies". In fact, the name Lucifer can be roughly translated to "the morning star" even more roughly translated "the bringer of light". Lucifer represents knowledge, truth, and enlightenment. His deception was not to condemn humanity, but to free them with the truth. He fought to free us from bondage, he would never lie to us, the idea of his lies is only through the eyes of those in servitude to God.
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Re: Lucifer and Deception
Post # 2
Buddy,while I do appreciate your positive beliefs on this so famous and infamous spirit,just know that things won't change.

Not all people will agree to your beliefs. If they were taught differently or simply believe differently,they will just stick to what they know.

Not out of stubborness,but for the sake of their free will. This is what SoM is..a site where we can all work together to bring out to our best spiritual development,even if our beliefs are different.
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Re: Lucifer and Deception
Post # 3
I am very aware of this site and its purposes, and would like to thank you for the reminder. However I just found it would be beneficial for others to hear out my beliefs as well.
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Re: Lucifer and Deception
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Actually,Lucifer was always known as "the bringer of light".
The invention of the first match that could light by striking it on a rough surface was called A Lucifer.
There is a line in a very famous song from WW1,
"While you've a Lucifer to light your pipe, smile,boys,that's the style!".
The "fallen angel" story is one of the mis-translations of the Holy Bible.
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Re: Lucifer and Deception
Post # 5
hey that's pretty good I like your view on things
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Re: Lucifer and Deception
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
To understand it all needs a lot of study. But let me see if I can give a shortened version.
All religions are based on conflict, or if you prefer, opposites; male/female,ying/yang, positive/negative.
When the early Christians met the Roman Constantine at Nicea it was to "blend" a new religion, Christianity, with the old Roman beliefs.
Now Satan or "the Devil", are the old words for "evil". What was needed was a new "conflict". So, the story was concocted of the angel Lucifer in conflict with God.This caused a fight between Lucifer and the Archangel Michael. "With flaming sword Michael drove the evil Lucifer out of Heaven and into the abyss."
So there you have it. Conflict; Good/Evil. A "made up" story to show that, if you do good (as we tell you!) you will go to Heaven and join God.If not,you will join Lucifer in Hell.
Many people believe the story. I do not! But it was "drilled" into me at Catholic school!
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