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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Dream=Afriad

Post # 1
Hello, so I had this really weird dream the other night and it's gotten so bad that everytime I try to sleep it comes back to mind , which keeps me up. Explaining it its hard because it scares me. I don't scare easy, honest. This may sound sill the dream but I'm freaking out. So here it is:

I'm in this store with two other girls, there's a counter to our right and a room infront of us that's dark except the light sinking into it, inside is a whole bunch of bags and boxes filled with stuff. For some reason we know that we are not allowed to leave but move forward. I slow creep in and out if the room grabbing boxes and bags and coming back, there's a very creepy atmosphere. We load up on guns and food from the bags/boxes and a voice comes over head like as if it were on a loud speaker. A door at the other end of this dark room opens, and there's enough light to see to go into the room. We go in and it's part of a hospital, here's a desk and a bed behind a curtain and this little girl appears, I tell her to stay there, I ask her questions when a nurse with a blood stain on her shirt appears behind her, I ask her questions when the girls sister appears with another nurse who claims to be a surgeon , she ignores my warning to stay there and comes towards us, we try to defend ourselves but then she has these long blood drenched claws even before she kills us.

Just telling about it I'm freaking out- I don't know what it means and I'm paranoid. Any help??
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Re: Dream=Afriad
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I'm afraid I have little experience on the subject, but I'll help as best I can.
I wouldn't worry about any literal meaning; rather, if anything the dream was more likely symbolic of some confusion, fear or desired change in your life. Do any of the things you dreamt about correlate with real-life fears? I.e. are you afraid of hospitals, creepy children, the dark etc. Something you may have seen during the day could've triggered those fears upon review during dream time, I guess.
Other than that, I can only recommend looking online for what some of those dream symbols might mean. Trying searching for some of the key features as symbols within dreams on Google and see if some of the meanings presented by the pages you find 'feel' about right to you.

Good Luck,
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Re: Dream=Afriad
Post # 3

Generally nightmares are "inactive" fears in the depths of our minds that reveal themselves in certain situations. For instance, you being in the area you werent supposed to be in could mean that you did something you weren't supposed to and knew that. Stocking up on guns and such and symbolize you preparing a defence to get out of the situation. The nurse(s) could be a female or feminine being you know that you find distasteful or are fearful of. If it is fear then perhaps you know that you did the person wrong. The best advice I can provide would be to take responsibility for it and apologize.

Please contact me if this seems acurate.

With best of wishes and blessings,


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Re: Dream=Afriad
Post # 4
Honestly I'm not afraid of anything that happened in my dream. I've had one several months ago where nothing in the dream freaked me out but the consist thing was water and I was scared if running water for about a week. Yet I'm fine with water but after it I was so freaked out.

It makes sense that it means I've done something I wasn't suppost to
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Re: Dream=Afriad
Post # 5

Well then, that's a start.

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