I need help urgently.

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I need help urgently.
Post # 1
I am fairly new to all this. I discovered this site in the end of last summer, and dismissed it until now. My mother had broken up with her boyfriend, and I went to the house to pick up a few things for her. He gave me a jar with the stuff. This jar was red, covered in red wax, filled with a red substance, and had a few items I couldnt make out in it, all of which, red. He told me to tell my mother to open it "when the time is right." My mom was at work when I came to give it to her, so I left it on her dresser. She came home, and we talked about things. She stopped there to talk about things with him before she came home, and she told me that he told her he cursed it. I remembered that colors meant things once she looked it up, and I remembered that it can be love (along with other good emotions) but also firey anger. Can someone please tell me and how to safely dispose of this thing, because he wants her to give it to him for HIM to get rid of. But I don't trust it. He's already done this.
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Re: I need help urgently.
Post # 2

Well, not to intrude but was the energy or feeling or emotions between your mom and her boyfriend hateful or were they sincere? Red can also stand for luck and celebration, so maybe he's not holding anything against her, but I would try casting some protection spells or trying to neutralize the energies of the jar?

It's most likely a honey jar, either wanting the relationship to not turn completely sour. Maybe he wants your mom to come back to him?

I don't really work with jars yet like that, I mostly make charms for myself which are sea based, and I haven't heard of an all red jar like you've said. What ever it is, it's passionate; good or bad intentions aside.

But since no one else has responded yet, I figure a response is better than none.

You should also search up "Honey Jars" or Hoodoo. Or, just jar/mojo bag/charm/etc magick in general, and look up color and item correspondences to see what exact item corresponds with what exactly.

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Re: I need help urgently.
Post # 3
Get rid of it. Immediately if it was of good intent he would have gave it to her on his own. , Even then get rid of it. The wax can be like a binding. Do jot touch the objects do jot keep them. Get rid of it and do not look back. In fact just dispose of it
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Re: I need help urgently.
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I agree in getting rid of it. I would bury it far away from where you reside. I would also cleanse the house where you live with Sage and perhaps look into a protection spell.

Regardless if the intent was good, it was an unwanted object and if your gut is telling you there is distrust, always go with your own instincts.

Good luck!
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Re: I need help urgently.
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Sounds like a honey jar spell to make her still like him. I would take the jar apart and bury everything. Or throw the whole thing in a fire. While doing either method, I would say something like:

"What was cast, it now undone.
It is not welcome and never was.
Send it back to which came.
So mote it be."

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