Help with a healing spell

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Help with a healing spell
Post # 1
a friend of mine has been fighting against a self immune pancreatitis for a couple months, and he's living his last days. he got his legs (mostly dead tissue as a consecquence of bad irrigation) amputated today because of a secondary infection that could be dangerous to his primary infection - in the pancreas and liver zone.

i am a little bit skeptic about magick, but i can't say i don't believe in it.i wish to help him. i can't just spend my time waiting for him to either wake up or die.

i just found this website, i tried a couple good luck spells when i was a teenager, but i have no real experience on this. the healing spells i've found were mostly bs. so i just want some advice here about my situation and whatever can i do about it.

thanks, and excuse my english.
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Re: Help with a healing spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2

I hope your friend gets better. Honestly I can't recommend giving herbal medicine since it might interact with whatever treatments the doctors are giving him. One think people do is make a healing poppet by sewing a doll from 2 pieces of cloth then stuffing it with healing herbs and some of your friend's hair. Aftrwards hold it in your dominant (sending) hand and charge it with visualized green energy flowing through your arm.

good luck to your friend

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Re: Help with a healing spell
Post # 3

Clear Quartz is a really good gem to meditate with for healing, use white candles for a boost. You and your friend are in my prayers. Blessed Be.

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Re: Help with a healing spell
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
If you have no experience with healing, then your best bet is to petition those who do. Raphael is fairly easy to work with for the beginner. You may want to try to evoke him.
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