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Merry Meet!
Post # 1

Hello. I am rather unsure on how to get engaged in an introduction, though I guess I will state a bit about myself.

I am 18 years old, and am a part time artist living in eastern Ohio.

I love elemental, herbal, and enchanting magic. It is my main focus, though I would love to look into other forms.

I am lookng for a coven, though I would prefer to find one where I find friends.

I have a variety of interests, and prefer to keep my distance from things and observe.
The best way to get me talking is to speak of art, cooking, the craft, or something that involves creativity.

I dislike people who are blinded by the fact that they cannot understand those around them, believing they are somehow superior in any form.

I dislike compliments, and (p)rudeness.

I am rather serious at first, though I am very friendly and energetic once people get to know me.

I absolutely love talking about art. (Need I say it more?)

I also love video games, tea, and I love animals more than I love people.

I dislike talking about myself. (This is torture, though I want to get involved with the community.)

I am seeking friends, though I would love to chat with you before I decide "Oh yeah! Lets be friends even though we've only known eachother for a few seconds!"

I can't really think of anythign else, aside from I hope everyone here has a lovely day/evening.

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Re: Merry Meet!
Post # 2

Welcome to SoM! If you want to talk to someone I'm here for causual talk and matters of magic. I actually have a small coven that is accepting members but I feel it's very early for you to want to join since you don't know me that well. I'll try not to ask you too many questions but I will say that I too like art, video games, tea and most animals so if you feel like talking just let me know.

Blessed Be.

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Re: Merry Meet!
Post # 3
Merry to meet you Erezedyn and welcome to SoM! If you ever need someone to have a chat with feel free to message me at anytime and I will respond pretty quick if I'm online.

I also would like to get to know you more you nearly have all the same interests has I do which is pretty interesting but I have now turned away from games as such but other than that you seem like a alright person to know.

Blessed be.
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