The Third Eye: My Advice

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The Third Eye: My Advice
Post # 1
Hello, lovely community members! I'm feeling inspired to give you some more advice about the third eye from my experiences. I want to give you tips that I've heard on how to activate it more.

If someone ever tries to say you don't have a third eye, that is NOT true in any sense. The Third Eye actually has a place in the brain- the scientific name is the pineal gland. It is located between your eyebrows, just as it's been described by many. The third eye/pineal gland is a very natural thing that anyone can strengthen. If someone tells you that you need to have a special gift to learn mediumship, they are incorrect. Basically, if you have a third eye (every human being does), you can master meditation, astral projection, or any magick-related performance.

From what I've read, using toothpaste with fluoride in it can actually calcify your pineal gland aka third eye. This hinders it's spiritual process and weakens that part of the brain. Try switching to a fluoride free toothpaste for a while and experiment. I tried it once and I noticed I had more visions throughout each day over days I used fluoride toothpaste. It may sound weird, bu just try to dabble in it and see what happens. If meditation is still a challenge for you, I recommend picking up some colored pencils and coloring in a coloring book! New studies are saying that coloring can be an alternative form of meditation. It unleashes your creative power, a similar thing mediation accomplishes when done right. If you want to do this, I highly suggest putting on some Shamanic meditation music (the flutes and drums do wonders!) and allowing your thoughts to center on the picture you're working on. I've noticed once I do this for a while, I begin to relax and fall into a deeper state of consciousness. Also, certain herbs do wonders. The man at my local metaphysical shop specifically recommended rose tea. Personally, I feel it's easier to engage with the third eye during sleepiness. I would suggest trying peppermint or chammomile tea to relax you before trying to flex your third eye muscles. Visualizing also helps. And, in regards to meditation again, try guided meditation videos as a beginning point.

Lastly, the most common sense part of this post: practice makes perfect! Anything that opens up your creative energy can help your third eye. Listening to meditation videos nightly will help increase your third eye in the long run if you keep at it. Try recording your dreams. There are several avenues to this success. Just remember, expanding your third eye is a possibility. It's natural. I hope this helps! :)
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Re: The Third Eye: My Advice
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
The pineal gland (also known as the third eye) is a tiny gland in the brain that produces the hormones Melatonin and Seratonin. There is no evidence that Fluoride increase the calcium in the gland. In any case, the pineal gland calcifies in all mammals with age. The main function of the gland is a reaction to light and dark. (That's why it's easier to sleep in darkness!)
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Re: The Third Eye: My Advice
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Welcome.
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Re: The Third Eye: My Advice
By: / Novice
Post # 4
When you are talking about the magical practices associated with the third eye, you are not talking about the actual physical pineal gland. Lots of people seem to confuse the two.

The third eye chakra, or ajna chakra as it was originally called is situated at the brow and is mapped on to it's physical counterpart of the pituitary gland. Dion Fortune and her husband did a lot of work to show the placement of all the chakras around areas involved in hormone secretion, this has been passed own but important details forgotten by most modern day practitioners.

The chakras themselves are not physical, but energy. They are psychospiritual in nature and most people relate them to the etheric plane of existence, that is, the denser levels of astral matter which some believe exists at a subtler level than the physical plane, but is a blueprints of sorts for the manifestation of it. This is quite clear in occult literature which exists before 1970.

So whilst the pituitary gland may be mapped on to the chakra, there is no reason to think or believe that any action the physical gland does will have an effect on the etheric chakra, the opposite could, but calcifying pituitary glands preventing psychic abilities is new age nonsense in my opinion.

What is also worth mentioning is that the chakras are just one system, and some practitioners of magic do not recognise them as existing and still get on with meditation, astral projection etc. I personally do, but I think most people on this site misunderstand them and have never picked up a traditional yogic or occult text on the matter and read the likes of Doreen Virtue et al.

One of the first times Chakras came to the West and got involved in Western practices of magic was through the theosophical society and in particular "The Chakras" by Charles Leadbeater, this is a short book and well worth a read if you are interested in them. Barring this all of the classic yoga texts will touch on them, and I must drop in the book "A Chakra and Kundalini Workbook" by Dr John Mumford.
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Re: The Third Eye: My Advice
Post # 5
Thanks for the responses. I'm glad I learned this. Sorry for misleading information, I was just going off things I've read. Everyone please ignore the part about fluoride. I guess I didn't have a good enough source on that one. I know the gland is literally a part of the brain. I've just heard people referencing them together. :/
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