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Post # 1
Hey guys. I was reading about a spell and the name belladonna came to me.

I am not really keen to herbalism so I would be thankful if you could tell me more about this plant,both about it generally and its magik uses.
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Re: belladonna
Post # 2
Set yourself up for success by making a simple tea that does good things for you only. Belladonna will NOT do this. For more information, see these previous forum posts:

Also, SoM has an entry for Belladonna at this article:

Additionally, Wikipedia has always been a friend of mine:

Belladonna, the Beautiful Woman, is scientifically named after one of the three Greek Fates, Atropos, the one who chose the way in which mortals would die.
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Re: belladonna
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
In England we have another name for that deadly poison.
Deadly Nightshade.
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Re: belladonna
Post # 4
Oh,thank you,guys. I guess this covers the informations I have been looking for ^.^

Wait..if so poisonous,how much does it take for it to kill one that accidentally ingested a lethal dose?
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Re: belladonna
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
It would be difficult to ingest a lethal does "accidentally". But even a little could make you vomit. Belladonna is used medically. The old witches used an ointment made from Belladonna root to smear on the breasts of women weaning babies; it stopped lactation. The Medical Profession produced Belladonna Plasters, for the same purpose. There were other medical uses; but, just as other uses of poisonous plants, the dosage could easily be too little,with no effect. Or too much, resulting in death. Digitalis is a good example (Foxgloves).
It is always a good idea to treat all medicines as poison, unless you know the correct dosage. Paracetamol is a great pain-relieving drug: it can kill you!
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Re: belladonna
Post # 6
You are so right..each medicine has secondary effects that can go from bad to the worst if not taken correctly.

Thanks again. Its name sounds even looks so. I googled it..they are those nice little black berries I was never sure if to eat or not as a kid xD

So many grow behind my granny's garden. Good I never ate them,lol
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Re: belladonna
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Belladonna is better known as deadly nightshade, or just nightshade. If you watch game of thrones it is the type of poison cerci uses to almost kill her son when she thought they were about to die, if I am not mistaken it is also the poison used to kill joffery.

Anyhow nightshade has a long history with witchcraft, but as mentioned earlier can easily kill you. There is tea made from nightshade online you can order, it promotes sleep and visions. A lot of relaxation and sleep teas have a hint of belladonna.

However just an ounce more than you need can have bad affecrs. It would be best to talk to sone one who studies herbs, and explain to them what spell you are trying to cast and if you have to ingest any and how much if so, they can tell you the possible side affects.

When using nightshade make sure you measure properly, people also used to burn nightshade and similar herbs to provoke visions, but if you are doing that you should still be careful as ingesting literal poison into your lungs can't be too healthy.

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