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Friend in need!
Post # 1
Hello my name is Jade and I need help with a friend of mine

she likes this one guy but he is very poisonous for her
he makes her act meaner and she becomes miserable when she is around him and ignores everyone else

there is this other guy who is a friend of the both of us and he is a total sweetheart and he's known us both for quite a long time, he is very well trusted and loving, she adores him and loves him back too I believe

but this other guy keeps on dragging her back down from the good guy and turning her into this bitter and angry person

I need a spell to make her feel that connection and passion she had for the good guy . they used to be so insync and sometimes that spark is still there from what I see when they are around each other

and at least some sort of spell to keep away that mean guy
something to get that bad guy out of her head

I'm not a jealous friend, or trying to play matchmaker between them both and I am not asking for anything immoral
I just need to help both of my friends at least find peace,
she used to be so happy and she loved the good guy until others started to take over. it's hard watching her act so cold and distant for no reason
I want them both to be happy and find what the used to have

can someone help me with this?
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Re: Friend in need!
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
It is often remarked, around the world, that the English people (not British; English!) are an "aloof" people. Secretive, and "stand offish". In a way, that is true!
So I will give you the advice that all English people treasure.
Mind your own business!
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Re: Friend in need!
Post # 3
You need a binding spell or seperation spell. It gets him away from her. Then you can do an attraction spell or desire me spell for the good guy. It will make him somewhat irresistible to your friend. If they love each other you don't want to put a love spell on them. You just want to get that bad guy out of the picture and give her a little nudge towards the good guy.
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