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Love Spell
Post # 1
So some months ago i casted a spell of love on my boyfriend before he was my boyfriend. I'd have to explain. Long story short, we have been seeing each other for almost 2 years and started dating as in boyfriend and girlfriend in October. I met him almost 3 years ago. When i cast it, i almost immediately started seeing change in his attitude. The night after i did, he told me he would love me forever. I remember it was a starry night, it was beautiful. In august my dad decided it was best if i stayed with my mom. We now have a long distance relationship, i'm going back there when i finish school in a year and some months, hopefully less. I will be an architect! I just felt like adding that. So i don't really know if it's anxiety or just in my head or it is actually happening, but i feel like he doesn't care sometimes, even though most of the time when we actually talk is about how much he loves and misses me. I read somewhere that it wears off after a while. So my question here is, does the love spell wear off?

The spell i used was with sage, 4 white candles, 1 red candle, a wood board thingy and i drew a pentagram over it and placed the sage in a cup and burned it. I had 2 pieces of paper, one with his name and one with mine, i rolled it up and bound it with white string. I poured all my love for him into the spell and meditated for a short while in front of it. Thinking about how much i wanted this, how much i love him. But i feel now like something is wrong. I hope it's just me.
What do you guys recommend?

Thank you for any replies! I will try anything. I really don't want to lose him, or go through this throughout the year. I really do love this soul he has.

Blessed be.
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Re: Love Spell
Post # 2
To add to this post, i still have the roll with our names on it. I hope this helps.
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