i need help interpreting

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i need help interpreting
Post # 1
Ok so i had 3 seperate dreams back to back and i feel like they were all connected some how the first i was in my old house with my dead grandmother and there was a giant snake that also turned into a person i didnt recognize in the end i killed the snake and freed the person and woke up. The second dream im at the house i stay at now except my aunt uncle and dad were there along with my children i saw what i thought were red green and yellow small meteors streaking across the sky but then they turned to paper airplanes when they hit the ground it was bizzare to everyone in the dream shortly after there was a loud bang and a giant orange flaming doomsday style meteor landed in the back yard i got everyone inside but myself then woke up the third dream i was at a club or a bar or something with a coworker who conviced me to turn my phone off and try to pick up a woman that was there wich ended horribly because she was drunk upon trying to leave i realized i didnt know where i was but most of my ex wifes cousins were there along with some people i havent seen in a long time one of my exs female cousins offered to give me a ride home when my phone started ringing in my pocket so i woke up...the strange part about finally waking up is that my phone didnt ring and it was 5 minutes before i had to get up for work. I feel like there is something there i need to understand any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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Re: i need help interpreting
Post # 2
Not every dream has a prophetic meaning. Just because you have dreams several nights in a row doesn't mean they are prophetic either. Given the fact that these dreams seem too be very out of sync and random even though they may contain or revolve around the same things I think it is more likely something you ate before bed ect. However it does perhaps point too some things going on in your life. For example the snake turning into a person could perhaps be connected with some underlying feeling you have for someone who maybe turned on you or betrayed you. The doomsday death from above maybe shows your desire to be a protector or too feel in powered. You said in your post that you got everyone inside too safty. If I giant meteor was falling I don't know if running inside would really be effective.
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