What wee these entities?

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> What wee these entities?

What wee these entities?
Post # 1
Hello everyone, first off I would like to thank you for any and all responses to this.

I did a past life meditation a few weeks ago and it pretty much played out like a daydream or one of those watching from a different view point dream.

One of the earliest lives showed me as what looked like a middle eastern man in simple clothing, a campfire, a tent or small hut (it looked Nomadish and very simple) a woman and a newborn on the edge of a wooded area and a desolate or desert area. There was something about being thankful we made it out of the city in time but losing the rest of our family.

Then it went through a montage like phase where I saw what I assume was my son grow up, I taught him how to use leather, how to make things and to pray to animals, trees and stuff like that before killing or cutting them.

Then I was laying down in a large stone room, I had rings on, a white cover (not sure what it was made of but it was kinda thick like a blanket) im old and content, my son comes in and is frantic yet pleased to see me, he looks very excited and he leans over me and talks about something. I dont know what he is saying other than " father, Look at what I've found." He raises his left arm with his palm pointed towards these three beings standing on the end of my bed, one looked like a cross between a human and fish, the second was pinkish white and very smooth, almost having no definable feathers to it other than human sized black eyes (weird seeing something with no brow,chin,nose or cheeks) the third was faded and almost transparent.

My son had a robe and ring on his hand (not super shiny but more so old rings), these beings didnt give off any kind of feeling other than they were just watching for the sake of experiencing the moment.
I remember thinking that I have no idea where he found these... all I taught him was to make things that were useful, leave nothing unused and to pray. How did he find this path, I dont understand what they are but im glad he found something worth pursuing I jsut wish I had more time to understand, I want to know what my sons found.

My last words in that life were "My son, I dont understand what you've done just dont do anything that would make your mother cry." I wasnt mad and I guess I didnt see these things as demons or anything evil just more like *Huh... no idea what those are, im dead now.*

Anyone have any ideas or thoughts about what the heck was going on? could this have been a genuine past life thing, What did my *Son* find, why did they look as if they knew me or have seen me before? and why in the world would they want to watch an old man die just for the sake of watching?

They didnt speak had no visible markings and just didnt seem out of place at all other than me not knowing what they were.
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Re: What wee these entities?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
If you were dying in the vision, your dying self could have been delirious or hallucinating...just a thought. I've seen dementia first hand and if the person is spiritual, they start seeing all sorts of things and believe some very twisted realities.

Most past life memories are not exciting and you really have to take into consideration factors like mental illness during the life that could warp your sense of reality.
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Re: What wee these entities?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Try to focus on this life
Don't get stressed over what once may have been
I'm not sure if I believe in Reincarnation or Heaven/Hell
But I do know this life is what helps us move higher in the next one.
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Re: What wee these entities?
Post # 4
so it might have just been a dying old man wanting to see his son again and his mind trying to figure out what his son has been doing. at least that one didnt end in fear or any negative feelings just a wanting to know what kind of world the old me's son was talking about. Thats kind of depressing yet humbling.

I would have thought stuff like hallucinations wouldn't be seen if I had the view point of a bystander during this, was like I was floating behind or in the back of my own head.
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Re: What wee these entities?
Post # 5
I don't know but if you were of a mind to write it could make for a good story. Might find some things more clear if you were to spin a tale out of it. Afterall, there is plenty of dreaming in creating a story.
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Re: What wee these entities?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
The bystander view is good for the sake of remaining separated emotionally. Imagine watching your child die in your arms through your own eyes vs an observer. Both are haunting, one is less traumatic.

Regardless of the view point, that doesn't mean that you aren't still perceiving your "memories" through your consciousness. What it means is that you are traveling your microcosm. If you have yet to research and understand the macrocosm vs the microcosm, I highly suggest doing so, so that you are able to comprehend what you are seeing better.

Just a note, I know most people don't do this, but as a young child and throughout adolescence, I used to dream in third person most of the time. I had a lot of stress to deal with at home, so it was a way for my mind to go through those issues at a "safe" distance. It's a mental defense mechanism.
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