Impressed by horoscope

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Impressed by horoscope
Post # 1
This isn't a question, just a comment to the website.

I have noticed this site's horoscope is preety precise. Sometime ago, I didn't believe at zodiac signs. I was wrong... I have been noticing this site's horoscope for a long time, about a couple of years, the time I am on this site. I have noticed that, every night I was noticig it, it described my precise behaviour and feelings of all the day, in a very generall way. And also the times I was checking it before the day starts, I had these feelings during the day, without having it on my mind.

Of course, if I actually believed into this and reading it in the morning, it would affect me probably, even subconsiounsly... But it's not like that.

I know and I realize what I am saying. It justs describes me the way I am and feel that day, and the advices are helpful also. My congratulations.
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Re: Impressed by horoscope
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Astrology, in my opinion, should be treated like any other form of divination: a guide, a meditation, a possibility. I believe it falls partly into that unexplainable-by-science portion of magic; the same as dowsing and clairsentience.

Divination is rarely, if ever, completely accurate without interpretation. Less often is it able to predict the future. But it can demonstrate a possibility, or show an aspect of our multifaceted circumstances. This applies to all things -- even astrology.

Some things to keep in mind with general public type horoscopes and the like is that they have to cover a wide audience. Because of this, they will frequently include aspects of some frequent queries such as people seeking new relationships and better employment.

Years ago I hade it a habit to read my daily horoscope, but at the end of the day to see how accurate it would have been. Sometimes it was very close. Sometimes it was very far from accurate. But it was frequently amusing!
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Re: Impressed by horoscope
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I find horoscopes fun, sometimes I might listen to them if they were specific for me and not generic for everyone reading the newspaper today. I find the Simpsons summed up horoscopes nicely

Homer: Ah, my horoscope, "Today will be like every other day" D'OH!
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