Most powerful Healing

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Most powerful Healing
Post # 1
Please help me to find most powerful Healing spell. My friend is sick form cancer, she survived stroke, she woke up, but she is breathing on tube. I am happy she woke up, I think she will be fine, but we need to send her love. Her disease was done by bad spells and she was victim of black magic.
Please help me
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Re: Most powerful Healing
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I am sorry to hear this, I hope your friend can pull through.

First, magick alone can't cure cancer, it can help, but you can't say a spell and it instantly goes away. You might have luck with reiki or another form of energy healing for your friend.

About the 'black magick' cast on your friend? How do you know this is the case? A sad fact of life is sickness, it could simply be your friend got sick and no one cursed her. If you are so concerned, you could try a cleansing [but I'm not 100% what would be safest for her health] and give her a protection charm to wear [or hang it near her bed] this will protect from any further negative energy, but she will still have to undergo whatever is needed to fight the cancer. Unfortunately magick cannot fix everything. Good luck.
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Re: Most powerful Healing
Post # 3
We know she was black magic victim, she went to see very knowledgable psychic and she told her everything how she was victim. She found exactly what this psychic told her (piece of sacrificed meat in her house). When she started to light candles to get rid of this spell, she felt little bit better. Then stroke hit her. Nobody was thinking she will wake up. And her husband brought other women in her house in the same day when she got stroke. Horrible story, but true story ( and according to all facts that the psychic told her). I know that cancer is not curable over night, but she needs love in order to survive and continue to fight. That's why I am asking for best spell of love and healing.
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Re: Most powerful Healing
Post # 4
Many "psychics" fake a good portion of what they say. This person could have, and likely had, lied. As well, I'm not exactly sure how "black" magic can give one cancer. Although there are spells that may influence the chance, it is likely your friend is just the average victim of it. As well, if she cannot be cured by any normal means, I am afraid magic will not get much better results. My condolences, however, I have lost a few family members and one of my greatest friend to cancer. I know an extant of the pain you may be feeling from all this. I hope the best, as I am sure many others like Nekoshima and myself do, for your friend.
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Re: Most powerful Healing
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
A friend of mine recent died from cancer. He too had a stroke and that prevented the doctors from continuing any treatment. I would suggest focusing on finding the best alternative doctors and healers at this point because they won't treat her cancer anymore until she recovers completely from the stroke. That's the same situation that killed my friend but he gave up.

Regardless of whether black magic is involved or not, removing the magic won't cure your friend. The damage has been done. I suggest in addition to the above practical advice that you give her a strong amulet and perhaps petition a higher being to protect her. What higher being depends on her beliefs.

I wish you and she the best of luck.
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Re: Most powerful Healing
Post # 6
Helki, helki Nuba Reganustra Vetinumb

If you have trouble pronouncing it put it through here

PS this might not help everything just the parts the spell can get to and for those that don't believe this will work my spirit guide gave me this a while go it works to some extent.
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