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Petra Rose Spell Casting
Post # 1
Hello Everyone,
My name is Petra Rose. I am an authentic spell caster and rootworker. I have been practicing for over 12 years. I welcome each of you to visit my website and browse the spells I offer or order custom spell work. While I completely agree with others that spells are always best performed by the one closest to the situation, yourself, not everyone has the level of focus, visualization, or the learned knowledge of spiritual work to be effective. The truth is, it takes many years, even generations, to build strong spiritual relationships and perfect ritual practices. Spell casting at its highest effectiveness is a skill and a gift. This is where an experienced spell caster can be of service. If you are interested in hiring me to cast on your behalf at low cost, visit my website at
Thank you!
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Re: Petra Rose Spell Casting
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Spell casting isn't really a gift. Anyone can do it! Plus, legit spell casters typically don't cast over the Internet and if they do, they probably won't charge. Only con artists charge money.

Blessed Be.
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Re: Petra Rose Spell Casting
Post # 3

Low cost? And you're costing no less than $90? I do agree desperate people do desperate things, but hiring a spellcaster shouldn't be a last resort. People, with the right materials, can cast their own spells for free. Maybe even working out their situation the logical way.

This sounds kind of skeptical, though that's my own opinion.

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Re: Petra Rose Spell Casting
Post # 4
While you all are certainly entitled to your opinions, there are a few points to consider. First, the "con artist" statement is an extreme generalization. I charge for my castings because this is my I earn a living. This business has been passed down through at least 6 generations of my family tree, and I can assure you that none of my ancestors were "con artist". And yes, it is at a very low cost considering that casting services generally cost upwards of $300 for even a consultation. Also, to say that anyone can cast effective spells would be like saying that anyone can be an effective doctor or lawyer. Perhaps the basic skills can be learned by anyone, but how many people actually go through the educational process involved, or are even cut out to succeed those career fields. In closing, I have to also question why there is even an Advertisement thread in this forum if those who are advertising services are only met with ridicule by members placing judgement. If I have somehow misunderstood the purpose of the "Advertisement" forum, I will gladly remove my post.
Blessings to you all,
Petra Rose
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Re: Petra Rose Spell Casting
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

90 Dollars for the simplest of spells? That is a bit much in my opinion, I know a Witch who sells Charms, Curses and various workings for a modest price of about $3.00 (USD) just to cover the cost of the materials, I know also various other practitioners who sell divining services for the same price as well, just to cover the costs.

As a practitioner of 14 years, I can tell you quite sincerely that, there is no 'guarantee' with magic, so again $90 is a scam, heavy inflation of prices, when even the most basic and modest charms require less than 0.50 cents if you use what is around your house, or the neighbourhood.

Only time I can see a high price being 'alright' for a Spell is if you're using incredibly expensive and hard to get ingredients, even then, still a scam in the long run.

Browsing through your merchandise, I can list off many spells that don't require such a large budget to perform. In all honesty honey, you're a scam artist, or at least a practitioner who believes in that the only way to do magic properly is to buy all the high flown ingredients to do something so simple that all you need is a piece of paper, pen, some herbs, a match and to stuff that all into a simple muslin bag to use as a Charm.

And only a few reviews? Can't call that much of a recomendation, anyone can write a good review on the internet, there are people whom are paid to write gorgeous reviews for products even though it is an awful product, because that is their job.

Also, $300 for a Course on 'how to petition spirits?' I can go onto Tumblr (In the Spirit Working Section), Lucky Mojo and various other websites and get a multitude of articles on how to do what you're offering, for free.

Also, this site is mainly populated by children, so your '18+' requirement won't get you many sales. Also, you can be persecuted for magical services, especially if the client does not like what you're giving, or what they got.

Finally, basic internet safety, it is unwise to send money to anyone on the internet, unless they are a reputable vendor, such as Amazon or various Local Stores that offer goods online for delivery.

A warning to all practitioners here, do not send money to anyone offering magical services , it is most likely a scam, or you can do it yourself for much cheaper.

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