Magic and science?

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Magic and science?
Post # 1
Sometimes I hear people say that you can compare magic with science. But I don't know in wich ways. I understand they both follow certain rules, but could someone explain it further?
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Re: Magic and science?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
There are many things that were once thought of as magic,that have been proved to be true by Science. It is still happening now! But there are still things in magic that cannot, as yet, be explained by Science. Such as Dowsing.
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Re: Magic and science?
Post # 3
Yeah there are many things that science have proven to be true that were once thought magical. But after some research and thought I agreed with this idea of magic. In simplest terms, science can be what we call reality. Magic, however, bends reality to the what the person wants it to. Hope this helped somewhat.
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Re: Magic and science?
Post # 4
Science just needs to understand the whole concept to under the practice.
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Re: Magic and science?
Post # 5
There are many ways to compare.
I would even go so far as to say they are similar.
Science aims to understand the laws of nature, in order to understand our place and also to create new and better ways of living. Science also makes assumptions about the universe in order to give structure to their techniques and avoid undesirable results. For example scientists who study mathematics believe that a number cannot be infinitely large, and that things that cannot be measured don't exist. These assumptions they call theories.

Magic practioners, particularly those who practice cermonial magick or Wicca also aim to understand their place in the world and through magic, they study how the universe works and how they can improve their lives and avoid undesirable results. They also make assumptions that create a structure to work in. One assumption that magic practioners make is that some chanelled information came from reliable spirits. I'm talking about people like Madame Blavatski, who is one of the founders on modern magick and spirituality.

Another way to compare is like you said, laws. There are specific laws that we can clearly see in action in both scientific and magickal communities. The 3rd law of motion which states every action has an equal and opposite reaction can be likened to Karma. Another set of laws that is shared by magic practitioners and scientists are the laws surrounding vibration.

There is a set of laws called the Hermetic Laws which have been handed down to magic practioners through the ages. Said to have been recorded in ancient times and translated most recently by "three initiates" of magic in 1912 . Most of These are, remarkably, almost identical to modern scientific laws on comparison. The Hermetic Laws have even predicted laws that were later discovered. Almost all magick is practiced in line with these laws.

So you can safely say that magic and science share an ancestor. For thousands of years they were the same thing. It was only in recent years that we have been developing them "separately." Alchemy was one of the last children of that era, and it was very important in the birth of both chemistry and ceremonial magick.

I hope that answers your question!
If not, maybe clarify your question further?

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Re: Magic and science?
Post # 6
what they mean by compare is that alot of what magic is can be said in terms of science, to judge its existence or not because science is mostly based on realism. It stands to say that when comparing magic with science its mostly to see it from a logical point of view intended to make you think outside the box of belief and give you a new perspective.
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