The Devil and His Queen

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The Devil and His Queen
Post # 1
Hi there, I am curious as to what all of your opinions on the Devil having a queen, or your beliefs. Also what are your beliefs surrounding demons?

You might find this slightly more interesting to reply to if I tell you a bit about why I am asking. So, I have 10 spirits tethered to me, one being a demon, if you believe in that, they are all someone I have supposedly known in a past life. I am also told to have had 9 lives, this current life being my ninth and final life before I go to Hell. I am told to have sold my soul to the Devil in my very first life and am told to be the Devil's queen. All this being told to me by around 13 different spirits. I am curious as to if you believe that spirits tell the truth, I personally believe that they can lie but also tell the truth, seeing as why I asked the same questions to multiple spirits.

If you have any comments or opinions, I am gladly open to hearing them, as they may help in my search to the full potential of my powers and the opening of my third eye.

Thank you all in advance.
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Re: The Devil and His Queen
Post # 2
Hello there, since you asked for personal opinions, I'll give you mine. If the Devil does exist, I suppose it's possible for him to have a "queen". I don't personally believe in him though. It's my opinion that demons are like humans in the sense they can be good and bad, depending on their personality. I'd say that "demon" is lying to you, because I don't think a soul can be sold. Just like the living, the nonliving are capable of lying. They are also able to be wrong or delusional. I also don't believe in Hell. There are articles on how to "open" the third-eye on this site.
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Re: The Devil and His Queen
Post # 3
hi for one i dont believe in the christian verison of the devil. i believe in no god only being, creature and spirits that can ever guide us or seek to destroy us. that being say i respect all believe's one thing i will say it so be weary of any spirit some are good but others will trick you. behind a lot of powerful beens we share one thing in common the need for a mate so it is possible the "Devil" of a being like the way he is desrciped in christianity or any other religion would have a wife. i think ever way you have a will of your own we are not something one can buy we can be swayed and asked to work with them.
opening yout third eyes may give you answers as would astro projections but you also need to look inside yourself and thing if you believe this and if you work with creures before this who have helped you try reaching for them while meditating. if you have any other questions you can mail me
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Re: The Devil and His Queen
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Erika, you have a vivid imagination.
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Re: The Devil and His Queen
Post # 5
Well logically if you believe in the Devil then it stands to reason the Devil would have a Queen. But why would after eons of time would this be you? And if carry these presences with you they should be able to answer you questions about your "powers" which I am a little unsure what you mean by that.

I am in no way trying to be rude or disrespect to you. I hope you find the help you are looking for.
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Re: The Devil and His Queen
Post # 6
A very interesting concept. I myself would believe if the Devil was real, he likely would have a queen. As for you being the queen, if it is/were true, not saying it is/isn't, it could be considered a good or bad thing depending upon how you look at it. My only question would be in what kind of authority that queen would have and what kind of power would belong to her?
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