"dangerous" divination???

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> "dangerous" divination???

"dangerous" divination???
Post # 1
So I understand that spirit boards can have negative things come out of them, that there's an element of "danger" (for lack of better words). The woman I'm kinda learning from at my local Wicca store has also warned me that crystal balls, while not as intensely, can have negativity come through them. I've heard nothing of the sort about tarot cards, per say. Are there any other divination methods that I would need to "worry" (again, lack of better words) about?
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Re: "dangerous" divination???
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Tarot cards have some cards that describe misfortune: The Tower, the ten of swords, The Devil, and a few others. Doreen Virtue published a tarot deck that the advertisement stressed as "gentle and safe".

But if you explore the world of magic and divination, there are going to be challenges and strange things and discomfort.

Even a divination method such as synchronicity has monsters. The word "monster" comes from that form of divination, the word "monere" which means "(an animal) that warns" of something bad going to happen.

If you only want to see the good in the future, then perhaps you can make up your mind to only pay attention to the good things, but it might not be honest: life is more complicated than that.
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Re: "dangerous" divination???
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
All methods of divination have an element of negativity to them. Negativity is a part of life. Sometimes you see good, sometimes you see bad. However, that negativity very rarely (if even possible) reaches out of the tarot cards or the crystal ball and effects you.

When it comes to spirit boards, they're just another form of communication. It all depends on what kind of spirit you make contact with.
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Re: "dangerous" divination???
By: / Novice
Post # 4

So here is the thing about spirit boards. When you use them your are calling on a spirit to come and answer your questions. And spirits like any other people are sometimes not the most pleasant, that just means that you take precautions regarding your own protection and who you call on.

Now, typically using a crystal ball is a form of scrying, but it and any other form of divination can be used with channeling the way a spirit board would, but it isn't part of the use generally. If you chose to channel through any medium you take precautions and use common sense and you'll come out fine

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Re: "dangerous" divination???
Post # 5
The boards can be tricky
You open a door or gateway anything can come through
Even pretending to be someone else
Also alwsys remember to Sign off,say good bye after each time playing..8 out of 10 Serious poltergiest problems start with a board according to some sources.Personally I never had any issues.
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