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Blessing Tree DIY
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This thread is how to make a blessing tree and you may think what the heck it is. Well its my own personal creation, but I would not like to hog the spotlight to those who had the Idea before me.

It is basically a tree where you hang some paper where you will write a certain thing you are thankful for that day. The following items is what you genrally need.

  • A small planting pot
  • One stick off your preferred
  • Paper
  • Sting, yarn, thread, or any type of untensil you wish to hang the paper off of
  • Dirt from anywhere you want

How you create one is that you first need to assemble a small pot and gather some dirt from a certain location. This place can be anywhere you find desirable, even though their are places where you can get dirt that you may find more suitable such as:

Beach: If you are more of a beach person who likes to fish or even surf alot you can gather some sand for your pot to add a pinch of pizzazz.

Churhyard: If you you follow a certain religion and want to dedicate this tree to deity such as I, you can get some dirt from any religous sanctuary you believe fits your beiliefs, in order to add some umph

Graveyard: I wouldnt really recomend this one because I wouldnt like to see a big clump of dirt on someons fresh clean grave, but if you have your own family cemetary and get permission from the people who are buried their, do as you may.

*Gettting some dirt from a family cemetary is more potent in my opinion if you wish this project to be a family thing instead of just your thing*

Hospital: This place can be benifical if you group up some dirt from the location of your birth, which is the biggest blessing of all for it is the place you were born at.

Front Yard: When all else fails you could always get some earth from your own front yard, for this is where you live.

These locations are not limited to the ones in your imagination and you dont even need to get one from a specified place. You could always get the dirt from the tree where you would get the branch from, which is what we are gonne talk about next

Types of Trees

Apple: Healing, love, honor, youth

Beech: Goals, strength, wisdom

Birch: Protection, purification

Cedar: Prosperity

Cypress: Protection, past-life regression

Elder: Healing, protection prosperity

Elm: Protection

Fig: Fertility, strength, energy, health

Hawthorn: Love, protection, cleansing

Hazel: Protection, reconciling

Hickory: Endurance, strength

Juniper: Protection

Maple: Love, divination

Oak: Healing, strength, prosperity

Olive: Peace, security, fidelity

Palm: Strength, abundance

Pecan: Prosperity

Pine: Purification, health, prosperity, spiritual growth

Rowan: Protection, strength

Walnut: Healing, protection

Willow: Healing, protection, wishes, enchantments, gracefulness

As I said last time you may use any tree you feel comfortable with, I just chose the one from my front lawn for memories sake just in case I move one day. Let you choose the tree that speaks to on personal level.

When you get the branch plant the bottom half of it into the pot of dirt and you got your blessing tree. Of course you could decorate it, but I will leave it up to you to do that. If you are dedicating it to a deity or religion you way want to say a little prayer or do a simple ritual to declare that. Remeber to bless your tree and cleanse it from negative energy, I recomend myrhh.

Now all that is done all you need to do is somehow attach the paper with your written blessing on to the tree with the string of you choice. You could all do this in different way if you want, but I got some personal rules that you may or may not follow. Here they are:

  1. Attach your blessing onto the tree each night before going to bed
  2. Do this for a month
  3. Even if you have the most dreadful and awfulest day of your life try to make the most of it by ending your day on a positvie note and leave a blessing on your tree
  4. If you had day that wasnt too bad but or too good just try to write something, even if its silly like "I am thankful that the store had some more mac n cheese because I ran out today"
  5. On the eve of the up coming month decide what you wish to do with the blessings. You can burn or even save them if you like.
  6. When you take your blessing off the tree start over and repeat.

These are my only rules apply and remove as many as you like. What I was gonna do with my paper was to burn them and save their ashes for magical purposes. You may want to make a monthly ritual where you thank yourself or your deity(s) for allowing you to have an awesome month and you wish to have more.

NOTE: Remeber to say thankyou to the tree and land you are taking the dirt from and leave an offering for them.

Where I got the tree information:

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