Hecate Associations

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Hecate Associations
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
So, I've been planning to take one of my necklaces with a key on it and perform a ritual dedicating it to Hecate (since it symbolizes her freedom to move between realms after the Titan war). However, I realized.. I don't know many associations with Hecate. Now, I know she's the goddess of sorcery, storms, necromancy and such. That she's represented by the moon, and close to dogs. But I don't know color associations, herb associations, or anything practical.

Can anyone help me out?
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Re: Hecate Associations
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Hekate in ancient greece the only plant I know that is associated with her and was used to wash her statues is Common Aspodel this does not grow in the states to what I know Hekate is clsely associated with the crossroads her sacred animals are dogs snakes and weasels she is a Virgin titan of necromancy witchcraft ghosts and more she was honured in many house holds in ancient greece because she protected the home against evil spirits and evil magic knives are sacred tools I go by what was used by the ancient greeks
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Re: Hecate Associations
Post # 3
I use the color neon green to associate with her as well as black. Since she is a goddess of witchcraft, I also use cauldrons to represent her. She is a very witty, cunning, devious, and intelligent goddess to me as well, so I have an owl and a spellbook to represent her. Keep in mind that as a witch, she gathers various ingredients for her spells such as seashells and sand, so you can use typical "witchy" things for her.
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Re: Hecate Associations
Post # 4
I usually draw several symbols for Hecate, not always all together though. A threeway crossroads as they were associated with her. Two crescent moons, one waxing and one waning, to represent her dominance over the passing of time and fate. Two torches, which she was often drawn with. And sometimes I also write Hecate's name in Greek. I feel that the circle is important to her, so usually I put my symbols in one.
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