Spell to help with grief

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Spell to help with grief
Post # 1
Long story short about four years ago I was dating a guy that I was really into. We even talked a little about starting a family and getting married. We met each other in a bar & didn't have mutual friends. One day he quit returning my phone calls and my text messages and I could never figure out why. After a month of not hearing from him, I met a friend of my brothers who also knew him. My brothers friend had informed me that he had passed away. Four years later and I still talk out loud to him and I still miss him. There are some days that are worse than others and I was hoping that someone could show me a spell that would help with easing the grief of losing him but not try to send his spirit away.
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Re: Spell to help with grief
Post # 2
I actually work at a funeral home which means that I deal with grief often. The best thing you can do is remind himself that he is some where better (wherever you believe he may be). You do not have to let go of him and it is completely normal to miss him. If you need to cry then cry. Some how society has convinced us that grieving is bad. It is not. Grief is entirely natural. If you wish to keep close communication with him even though he has passed do it carefully. Very evil things dwell in the after life. Protect yourself and even him.

I hope I have helped some.

Blessed Be.
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Re: Spell to help with grief
Post # 3
I've had luck with a bath ritual. Helped me when I lost several beloved pets and a loss of friendship.

Light a candle if you want. Take a bath and as you soak, let the water take away your grief or at least lessen it. When you drain the tub, see the grief draining down the drain. You may have to do this a few times if your grief is really really deep. If you're not into baths or can't have one, try doing the same thing with a shower. Imagine the shower water carrying away your grief down the drain.

Hopefully that'll help or give you some ideas :)
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