Summon A Elemental Wolf

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Summon A Elemental Wolf
Post # 1
I am hoping to summon an elemental wolf.
I have a few questions regarding the spell and its aftermath because I found the info on the spell to be quite lacking.

1) "Draw what your wolf will look like."

Does it have to look like a wolf? Or can I draw a creature similar to a wolf and just give it a different look? (example: different shape of ears, tail, head...)
What if the creature ends up not looking like a wolf at all? Will the spell still work?

2) "Draw lines above yourself, according to your height. I.E.: If you're 5'4", draw 5 lines first, then draw the 4 lines."

This part is just confusing. DO I draw the 4 lines shorter than the other 5? Or all the same length? How can you tell the difference then?

3) "Fold the paper hamburger style."

What does that even mean? You mean fold it in half?

4) "Write its info with the pencil on either side."

Can I make everything up or do I have to follow some regulations?

5) "You MUST believe this spell will work, otherwise you won't get an egg."

Where exactly will this egg appear? Under my pillow? I am interested in a fire wolf.
After that, how long will it take for it to hatch? Where will this wolf appear? Where will it live? What can the wolf do for me? How do I communicate with it? What will I have to do for it?

I need answers to all of these questions. The sooner you reply the sooner I can try this spell.

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Summon A Elemental Wolf
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Well, to put it simply, this spell is fake. Not to mention, you are right, it is lacking in a lot of information.

You sadly can't summon a physical elemental wolf. It's just not something magic can do. I think you need a better understand on how magic works and what it can and cannot do before you start trying to cast any more spells.

Go to the General info section of the forums and read stickied links (The ones with tumb tacks next to them).

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Re: Summon A Elemental Wolf
Post # 3
Indeed. If you were looking to summon a thoughtform, that would be different.
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Re: Summon A Elemental Wolf
Post # 4

There really is no such thing as an elemental wolf. However you can or maybe summon the fire element in that form, astrally or spiritually. Usually requires a lot of visualization and meditation would be best to do this.

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