Sea Witchery

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Sea Witchery
Post # 1
It seems the other post on this topic has died, so I'm wondering if anyone here is willing to discuss this topic? Sea witches seem so truly rare. Some eclectic witches seem to play around with the idea, and there are water witches, but I've never really seen other sea witches...
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Re: Sea Witchery
Post # 2
I am a sea witch ,kitchen witch, hedge witch
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Re: Sea Witchery
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I had a dream once that I flew onto a meadow and hit the ground in a weird dreamlike way that connected with the earth: like for a moment my nerves turned into plant roots, and my marrow into loam.

When I woke up, I wondered if things like that happened all the time subconsciously. There's a way to open up to the surroundings.

So, naturally, the same thing should work oceanically. The human species' closest relative is the great apes, but we're far less hairy, some theories say, because we're aquatic mammals. We have subcutaneous fat that most other apes lack, but a lot of aquatic mammals do have. We have salty blood and salty tears. Perhaps part of us responds to the lunar phases in the same way that the tides do.

Every time I find myself on an ocean shore, I must feel humbled by how vast the body of water is because all oceans are connected. It's also deep: from the photic layer to the hadopelagic. A lot of my meditations have to do with going into those deeps and trying to get used to that. It can be either serene or scary. Most of the time, I prefer meditations that evoke the image of colorful coral reefs, or standing on the shore and breathing with the tide.
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Re: Sea Witchery
Post # 4
I have been wondering the same, it's almost like sea witches are a very rare breed of witchery, and not a lot is known about them.
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