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Post # 1
am doing music and i want it to bring me wealth from it,what am going to do
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Re: spell
Post # 2

So you want to get better at music?

The first thing you might want to ask yourself is, what is it that you like, love and feel about music?

That is the very thing that will make you successful in any venture, having the love and passion for it in the first place, go out there and look for that thing that brought you to making music in the first place, the artists and genres that inspire you. Keep practicing and perfecting your arts, from the moment you wake up till when you go to sleep, and maintain your discipline with diligence.

Now in terms of magic there are in fact steps you can take to help improve your abilities, you might have seen or heard of the film "Limitless", in the film the main character takes a pill that activates all areas of his brain excelling his learning abilities to extraordinary levels and he becomes rich, successfully and popular!

Although no pill exists in the real world, there are things you can do not just through dietary and cognitive means, but also through the use of magic as well. In this instance, visualization will help you a lot in getting to where you want to be. Really picture yourself achieving that success and skill level you wish to be at, you could do this while in meditation or even train yourself to have dreams that positively re-enforce the idea that your getting ever closer to attaining your goals!

I would also recommend learning to play the piano, doing this actually activates both sides of your brain (your left and right frontal lobes), which encourages more communication between your neurons, and synapses wire together more effectively this way. You cannot change your life without first changing your brain, and cells that fire together, wire together! The more you maintain a healthy proactive schedule, that combines a nourishing diet, some excersise and plenty of sleep, you will begin to see results quicker than at first perceived.

So ask yourself, can you be that person, the person you are dreaming to be? Because I can see that person one day achieving his dreams. I wish you the very best of luck.

Hexen :)

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