Light People?

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Light People?
Post # 1

Hello Ya'll,

I'm a newbie here but not a newcomer when it comes to holding spiritual beliefs about the universe and such (although I'm new to actually practicing on those beliefs with Wiccan inspired practices), I hope that makes sense.

But anyways a couple of days ago I had an interesting experience. First one being that when I was recording myself ( I keep a video diary) outside and was looking into the viewfinder to see myself while I was recording I noticed this light move behind me. At first I thought it was someone behind me but there was nobody there and when I started thinking about it the stranger I felt.

Okay, but the more interesting part of the story was when I went to the woods a couple of hours after that. As a nature lover I love being amongst trees and such. I feel like there my only friends here (I go to a small liberal arts school and the social scene sucks) so I was sitting at my secret hideout I found in the woods last year (i'm so happy I found it, there is a table in the middle of the woods I don't know why but its really awesome) and in my peripheral I saw what I would describe as a literal light person. It was the silhouette of a person but comprised of light walking though the woods. I was stunned. It was so beautiful guys, and I wanted to share it with you because I was hoping to see if anyone has seen this before and what it could mean. I've tried researching on it but there wasn't anything useful (a lot of cultish things that turned me off). Anyways I also read that if a light person shows themselves to you then thats a good sign.

I've had experiences with a shadow person when I was 13 that absolutely convinced that there is another world another something out there outside the physical. I can't stressed how valid what I saw was real because there is a lot of people here (not on this forum at least) that will try to dismiss or invalidate people's experiences with the unknown/paranormal because they can't see/believe. Anyways, it would make sense that if there are shadow people then there would be light people as well ?
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Re: Light People?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Question? When you were seeing this could perhaps have been entering a meditative state?
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Re: Light People?
Post # 3
Interesting, I have had a very similar experience myself. When I was about 6 I was in my bed room, it was late at night and I had just started dozing. At that point between unconsciousness and consciousness, but then I felt a pressing feeling on my leg, in panic I tuned. As I did I saw a quickly dissipating yellowish white light.

So yes maybe a trance state might be it.
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Re: Light People?
Post # 4

Yes, I actually had a rough day and went into the woods to clear my head, that's interesting that you guys picked up on that. I wasn't meditating I was more in a trance looking at the trees when I saw the movement in my side view. Something I find interesting was that when I looked at it it didn't quickly disappear like the Shadow person I saw. It was tranquil and peaceful. Those are the best words I could use to describe it. I feel so honored that the Universe showed me this, I hope this means all is well!
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Re: Light People?
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
This is purely speculation but I would guess you were viewing an astral projection it it said to be possible if you can enter a trance like state
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