Do you fast?

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Do you fast?
Post # 1
In my local magic tradition (Kejawen), lot of spells that need fasting before do the ritual. They say it allows you to unite/receive your body with the external spirits/jinn.

Witches, Wiccan, Pagan Or Warlock, Do you fast for any of you rituals?
If soo how long, and for which ones...or is it more of a subjective matter?

Why does it help you?
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Re: Do you fast?
By: / Novice
Post # 2

I have fasted on several occasions prior to ritual , and I understand it's benefit. When I am meditating with that tired and hungry feeling (usually my fasts are about a day prior to a couple of days) I do feel closer to my dieties, more grounded. I could describe my experience as my astral bodies aligning much closer to my physical body.

However, I find that I do my best work when I am completely nourished, attentive, and awake ~ therefore i no longer fast unless my ritual work specifically requires that I do so or I feel that it is necessary (which is very rare).

I say if you want to be true to your local traditions, then maybe it wouldn't hurt to fast, but just be good to your body. It is your tool for everything you do in life.

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Re: Do you fast?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Yes and no. I want to fast, but I've never really done a proper one. Around certain holidays I'll eat differently [summer holidays I only eat seasonal fruit and vegetables, more dairy at Ostara.] Imbolc I try to 'cleanse' my body [I hate calling it that, but I eat less, and the food I do eat is 'light'] I was thinking of doing an actual fast next Imbolc [perhaps just for the day or the day before] but I'm not sure I could because I live with my boyfriend and work in the food industry lol.
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