My strange dream

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My strange dream
Post # 1
I have done a 'become a witch spell' one and a half weeks ago and the spell said it will turn you into a witch in 3 days you will have the abillity to control and summon two elements you have chosen (i chose air and ice), you will be able to fly and grant yourself and others wishes. However the spell didn't work for me and i have tried it twice but one of the side effects was that you will have dreams about being a witch and using your powers. Last night i have done a opening your third eye chakra meditation and i didn't do all of it because i couldn't do it anymore and 2 or 3 hours after that i went to sleep i've had a long dream about being a witch and using my ice and air powers and it felt so real and i haven't had a dream i remmember in a long while. So what does that mean did the spell that was supposed to come true in 3 days work in 1 and a half weeks (but that was the only side effect out of many and i haven't got my powers in real life) or did i open my third eye and saw the future ( but i couldn't have with just one meditation) or was it a sign i should do the spell again?? Please help me i am new to this and i would really appreciate any help i could get. Thank you and blessed be!
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Re: My strange dream
Post # 2
"Spells" like those do not work. A witch is not some magical being, but a human who simply practices witchraft. And you cannot completely control elements or fly.
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Re: My strange dream
Post # 3
Oh.. well thank you for telling me i just thought it was real because a few people said that the spell worked for them. I am still new to this whole witchcraft thing and this site but thanks for telling me which spells don't work.

Blessed be!
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Re: My strange dream
By: / Novice
Post # 4

The first person who replied hit the nail on the head, but I would like to add to what was said.

"Witch" is a title you give yourself after you have been practicing withcraft (Just like someone who draws might call themselves an artist). There is no need to cast a spell to become a witch. All you need to do is start practicing magic of some kind.

Although, I would suggest you get a grip on what magic actually is and what it can do before you dive headfirst into any practice. there are quite a few articles and forum posts on site that will probably be helpful in that. Go to General Info in the forums and read the pinned threads.

I wish you the best.

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