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ones free will HELP
Post # 1
Hoping to get some advice , I know that one of the rules is we are not supposed to interfere with someones free will, But I also believe there may be exceptions to this rule, Like if one believes their loved one is in a abusive relationship. My question is because separation spells should be cast in the waxing moon phase does anyone have any suggestions on how to successfully do this in waning phase
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Re: ones free will HELP
Post # 2
There aren't any rules in magic like that, but its never a very good idea to mess with someone's free will
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Re: ones free will HELP
Post # 3
Using moon phases in a spell isn't completely necessary it sometimes is just said that the spell will be most powerful in that phase, although if the spells specific instructions call for a certain phase of the moon, then I wouldn't mess with the instructions or it could backfire or not work properly.

Although you could always try writing your own spell for that specific moon phase.
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Re: ones free will HELP
Post # 4
That is exactly what I am attempting to do, My problem is Waning moon phase is when banishing , make things go away etc. are most effective. As in waxing is the opposite, I am looking for a way to cast now but wanting to word it to match the phase, I hope this makes any sense, I believe my niece is in a abusive relationship and I think it is getting worse, I have tried talking with her and I just feel this is something I really need to do
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Re: ones free will HELP
By: Moderator / Novice
Post # 5
A spell to boost her confidence.
A spell to increase the positive energies in her home.
A spell to encourage communication between her and family members.

On the mundane:
Figure out why you think she is being abused. Find a local group that works with those who are abused and learn what they suggest in these situation. Be supportive and do not pressure her. Let her know you are there if and when she needs you.
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