Herbs For Nightmares?

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Forums -> Herbalism -> Herbs For Nightmares?

Herbs For Nightmares?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I have a list of herbs to prevent nightmares and the such, but are there any herbs to induce nightmares? I'd like to keep a reference. If not, do you think that with a certain combination of herbs, nightmares can be induced?
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Re: Herbs For Nightmares?
Post # 2
Hi :) I can share my guide with you that has to do with dreams :D

Valerian Root has been used to induce lucid dreaming for centuries. It can help create more vivid dreams?and intense ones, too. Best method: tea or tincture.

Calea Zachatechi is called the Dream Herb and is a plant that has been used in parts of Mexico for a very long time. It has been scientifically proven to increase reaction time and frequency of dreams as well as encourage vivid and lucid dreams. Best method: tea.

Ginko Biloba is known to increase our brain function and improve memory. In sleep it can make dreams more vivid and we can feel more alert. Best method: capsule or tincture

Peppermint can support lucid and vivid dreaming, and some users even report a ?prophetic? quality to dreams when peppermint is involved. Best method: tea or tincture.

Passionflower is very relaxing and sedative, helping to bring about a calmer dream state. Best method: tea or tincture.

Datura is a powerful, fragrant flower that has a history of uses around the world. Place a flower or two in your pillowcase for lucid and very vivid dreams.

Mugwort has been known to enhance vivid, lucid and prophetic dreams.

Anise?s licorice-like fragrance can keep nightmares away.

Mullein can help you to ward off nightmares and have pleasant dreams.

Jasmine flowers are known to enhance erotic and romantic dreams, especially useful for women processing issues related to sex.

Lemongrass can boost your boring dreams by adding color and exotic elements.

Rose Petals will add a loving sense and warmth to dreams. Also especially helpful to women.

Sorry if some of it is not I what you were looking for :D I tried to narrow it down for you aha!

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Re: Herbs For Nightmares?
Post # 3
I think it may vary person to person....or even based on the amount, and how fresh the herb is.
Mugwort, especially fresh or freshly dried gives me nightmares. As weird as it might sound, I actually enjoy the occasional nightmare. So, I make a dream pillow with freshly dried mugwort, and lemongrass. It's a guarantee for me. I know others that use the same combination for vivid pleasant dreams though.
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Re: Herbs For Nightmares?
Post # 4
Mugwort helps
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Re: Herbs For Nightmares?
Post # 5
I have heard the poppy is a great herb for nightmares, but i am not suggesting it for drug use nor that i am correct just throwing a random thought and peice of info"right nor wrong, i do not know but maybe somebody may be able to correct me if i am wrong" but it gave the orient dreams of bliss in the past history books. So maybe there's some truth to what i have been told!
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Re: Herbs For Nightmares?
Post # 6
Or for causeing nightmare's i was told moonflower! Gimsen weed, loco weed. Known to be extremely risky major chances of resulting in death, coma or extreme health issues. Also a very strong poison and hallucogin!
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Re: Herbs For Nightmares?
Post # 7
In my experience thyme under the pillow seems to prevent nightmares, while thyme in my hat seems to make me more optimistic and light hearted. I have heard good things about sage, but have yet to try it myself
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